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Good trip, good work, good result

ASSMANN driver have been distinguished for their sustainable driving style

Every day 25 trucks and more leave our company headquarter in Melle fully loaded with Assmann office furniture. A solid logistic system is responsible for the trucks consistently arriving safely and on time at our customer locations. The ASSMANN driver takes credit for efficiency and sustainability on the road. Three of these drivers have now been distinguished once again for their particularly sustainable driving style: Andreas Ruhnau, Tino Ladewig and Jens Wepner.

Dirk Aßmann, managing partner, summed up the performance of all the drivers with the words “Good trip, good work, good result” in conjunction with the driver information event at the start of the new year. The focus was on occupational and cargo safety, the evaluation of the telematics-based solutions from FleetBoard, as well as general information about the company. “We know from experience that increased fuel consumption is caused just as much by frequent braking, rapid acceleration and non-efficient routes as by imprecise loading or poor time management”, claimed Markus Gangei, manager of route planning. “The software helps us our truck fleet travel in a more economic, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.”

Particular attention has been paid to the three criteria for consumption-related driving style, brake-related driving style and operating difficulties. The results were assessed on a scale from 0 (poor) to 10 points (very good). Andreas Ruhnau (third from left) proved to be the best and most efficient driver in 2017 with 9.71 points. Closely followed by Tino Ladewig (incidentally also in second place in 2017, could not participate this year) with 9.64 points and Jens Wepner (fourth from left, 9.61 points). As part of the ASSMANN initiative “Value creation through value appreciation” the three drivers were distinguished for their excellent driving style by Dirk Aßmann (second from left), Markus Gangei (right), the technical manager Guido Hübner (second from right) and HR manager Alexander Neudorf (left).