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Sustainability at ASSMANNTogether for tomorrow, today

At ASSMANN we focus on successfully implementing our environmental, economic and social objectives in everything we think and do.


We have recognised the signs of the times and consistently devised our company strategy with the precautionary principle of sustainable business in mind.
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getting_ahead means consistently pursuing the aim of sustainable business.

What’s more: when it comes to the responsible handling of our environment and its natural resources, we not only want to meet the standards, but exceed them.

Defining the sustainability strategy at the Melle location

Organisation — A strong foundation

With more than 80 years’ experience in the furniture industry, ASSMANN is one of the giants of the sector. As a reliable partner and responsible employer, we are firmly rooted in the business landscape and in our region. This forms the foundation for all our developments – in our company structure and in our diverse product range.

So wie 2017 die Firma Hettich zeichnet ASSMANN jedes Jahr den Lieferanten des Jahres aus

Strategy — Sustainable partnerships

The issue of sustainability requires all our engagement. Every one of us can make a difference. ASSMANN is mindful of this responsibility and is constantly putting its internal processes to the test — with success. By pulling together with our partners, together we can initiate great changes.

Die Lkw-Flotte von ASSMANN umfasst mittlerweile 13 Fahrzeuge

Supply chains — Well-secured

Environmentally conscious behaviour is not limited to our own factories. Upstream and downstream processes are also within the scope of our responsibility. That’s why we attach great importance to reliability, integrity and continuity in our partnerships. In accordance with our values, we work with our customers and suppliers to create a stable foundation for sustainable strategies.

People — In constant dialogue

Our employees are the heart of our company. Their passion is an important factor in how we relate to each other, which invites productivity and creativity. Respecting one another is not only a sincerely held value of ours, but a vital component of sustainable behaviour.

Bis zu 15 Meter hoch ragen die Späneberge, die Michael Kamsties (rechts) beim Gang über das Betriebsgelände passiert

Environmental protection — Under examination

A sustainable mindset doesn’t have to be complicated. Our everyday lives offer plenty of opportunities to help protect the environment. At ASSMANN, this includes regular controls of our ongoing processes. Because even small imperfections in the process can lead to unnecessary added emissions.

Im Leitstand von ASSMANN haben die Kollegen alles im Blick

Innovations — Harnessing opportunities for digitalisation

The process of digitalisation has been advancing in company structures for many years. ASSMAAN too is harnessing the opportunities provided by the digital world, and successfully implementing them to save resources. With digital workflows, we ensure a quick flow of information and lay the foundation for stable processes.

Our sustainability policy

The pursuit of sustainability, in close collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders, determines the route ASSMANN is taking towards the future.

Profitable actions

ASSMANN is an independent commercial enterprise – our goal is sustainable, economically viable growth. For us as a family company with 80 years of tradition, economic success also means taking responsibility. We do this in many different ways.

Ethical behaviour

We comply with all the site and product-specific requirements of the relevant legal and administrative regulations at European, federal, state and municipal level. We categorically reject bribery, corruption, acceptance and granting of undue advantage, and insider trading, and hold our customers and suppliers to the same standard. We attach great importance to data privacy. We uphold human rights, protect the rights of workers at a local, national and global level, and condemn any form of child labour or forced labour. We respect the dignity of every person and take our responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers, companies and the environment seriously.

Social responsibility

Change is only possible when everyone does their part. We see ourselves as a responsible company within society, and actively do our duty as an employer, taxpayer, and socially engaged business. We encourage our employees to do their best for the company, society and the environment every day.


The people at ASSMANN are our most important asset and the key to our commercial success. We offer our employees secure, attractive and motivating working conditions. To minimise safety risks, our workplaces are assessed for safety and ergonomics at regular intervals and continually improved. Our goal is to foster and enhance our employees’ motivation and performance through comprehensive protection of their health and safety. We promote teamwork, personal responsibility and decision-making freedom, to help our employees to fully identify with the company and its principles. We expect our employees to embrace change for the further development of the company and adaptation to market requirements. We work together to implement our company goals through our support of our employees’ and young people’s development, open communication, and our internally and externally practised company culture. Respectful and collegial interaction is part of our company culture and is exemplified by our managers. We employ a fair and responsible recruit process. Everyone at ASSMANN is given the same opportunities; discrimination has no place in our company.

Product responsibility

Our products accompany people in their everyday lives for many years. Our production, sales and customer service are structured to ensure the sustainable production, purchase and use of our products. A long lifespan, guaranteed supply of spare parts, solid design principles (e.g. GS mark), low-emission raw materials (Blue Angel – RAL UZ 38) and the use of recyclable materials make the purchase of our products an ecologically and economically responsible choice. The certification of our core products with the highest classification “European Level 3” in accordance with the FEMB Sustainability Standard for Office and Non-Domestic Furniture is further confirmation of our product responsibility.

Customer-centred approach

Only by knowing, understanding and integrating our customers’ needs in our daily work can we ensure our success. We are a reliable and predictable partner to our customers. We fulfil our customers’ requirements with our consistent market orientation and forward-thinking, innovative developments and quality throughout the process chain. We educate our customers on the optimal use of our products and inform them about developments in our company as openly and transparently as possible.

Responsibility in the supply chain

Our suppliers are tightly integrated in our processes through just-in-time delivery and warehousing (stock minimisation). We prefer to work with local or domestic suppliers and always uphold a spirit of partnership. We remain in close, regular dialogue with suppliers about the origin and processing of the resources used in our products. With our Supplier Award, we create an active incentive for suppliers to measure up to our standards in terms of reliability, quality, price and environmental compatibility. Great importance is given to energy efficiency in the procurement of products and services.

Resource productivity and climate change

In times of increasingly scarce raw materials, the responsible consumption of resources and energy is especially important. We are committed to steadily increasing our resource productivity, energy-related services, and the associated energy efficiency throughout the value chain, while preventing harmful impacts on the environment, such as air pollution or hazardous chemicals. For this purpose, we have devised and consistently implemented an environmental programme with concrete, measurable goals. We measure our consumption of resources and energy, and publish the results together with our environmental programme. We evaluate procurements of products and services across the entire expected life cycle, and favour solutions that are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are designed for reuse and recycling, and we strive to avoid landfill waste in our processes. Our system and process-orientated management approach is based on Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001, Environmental Management in accordance with ISO 14001 and Energy Management in accordance with ISO 50001.

Continuous improvement

ASSMANN is committed to the continuous improvement process. We apply the KAIZEN principle in our processes, quality assurance and product realisation, and identify potential for improvement throughout the company via our suggestions scheme, which rewards and implements ideas submitted by employees. We also employ contemporary, innovative work systems, techniques and methods, such as “Working Worlds 4.0” and “Industry 4.0”, with the aim of harnessing and successfully implementing them for the benefit of our employees and customers.

ASSMANN Sustainability Report

Our latest report documents the sustainability activities of ASSMANN and, in the online version, includes an extensive “Digital Factbook” with figures from the reporting period of 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021. The Sustainability Report has been created in accordance with the GRI “Core” option and externally reviewed by the organisation TÜV SÜD.


Our standards

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact serve as a compass for the achievement of our goals. Since 2018, our sustainability reports have been guided by the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Informing and inspiringOur sustainability blog

At ASSMANN, sustainability is firmly anchored in our company strategy. This generates regular new developments and successes that demonstrate our broad commitment. Come along with us on our way towards a sustainable future, and find out more about the people and our company philosophy here.

Our certifications and awards

Certified environmental and quality management systems and our self-imposed commitment to strict standards help us to successfully implement our sustainability strategy for the benefit of the environment, our employees and our company.

Management systems

Our system and process-orientated management approach is based on DIN EN ISO certified Quality, Environmental and Energy Management.

Certificate and seals

Our progress in sustainability is tested and verified by prestigious institutions.

TÜV Rheinland – Level 3
Blauer Engel
PEFC – Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
The Sustainability Code Signatory 2021