Lounge furniture

Open communication in free spaces.

Contemporary office concepts include communication zones to promote informal socialising and business discussions. Not only do open-plan solutions with integrated lounge elements increase efficiency, they also help raise staff satisfaction. The option to settle back in a comfortable zone for discussions or to take a break has a positive influence on the general atmosphere at work.


Temporary workplaces used by several employees are becoming increasingly important features in modern offices. The Syneo sit/stand workplaces deftly reflect this requirement. The upholstered side walls act as effective sound absorbers to muffle the ambient noise while also providing a useful privacy screen. In addition, the Syneo wall elements can double up as wardrobes – a homely element with striking colours.

Syneo Loungemöbel Product leaflet


  • Flexible uses, especially in open-plan offices
  • Fosters productive communication and co-operation
  • High sound absorption to create a quiet area for work
  • Increases general satisfaction at work
  • Facilitates planning thanks to the small number of modular elements
  • Lightweight construction, installed without tools
  • Versatile combinations thanks to accessories and colours

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