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Quality – from beginning to endOur quality promise

We are among the leading producers of office furniture in Germany because we set the highest quality standards for constantly monitoring all stages of production and assembly. Safety, ergonomics, design and functionality are just as important for us here as the longevity of our furniture systems. 

There are good reasons for our success

We aspire to quality, right down to the last detail. In our production location in Melle we combine all our knowhow to ensure that, from planning right through to assembly, our products completely fulfil both our customers’ wishes and our own high quality demands. To do this we have been able to count on the support of our selected suppliers who, for many years now, have made a considerable contribution to the longevity of our products with their high-quality materials.

Our specialist trade partners and our sales team explain the various possible applications in detail to our customers. Our consultation service also includes checking all the contractually defined requirements in terms of conformity to standards and service life. Only if all the critical aspects have been clarified to our satisfaction will the production start in our factory.

Investments in the future

A state-of-the-art, fully automated and continuously integrated wooden parts production facility is at the heart of our machinery. By the middle of 2015 we had invested in this part of our production plant and completely reconfigured it – and it sets new standards in the office furniture industry today. The next step followed already in 2017 when, after two years of cross-departmental planning, we invested six million euros for the future in a new core furniture line. The new machines have enabled us to work more efficiently and accurately than ever before; in line with our aspirations to improve on all levels of our company.

A process of continuous improvement

We have been working to the Japanese Kaizen principle since 2000, so we can get even better in the long term. In keeping with the principle that “there is strength in stillness”, we do not strive for quick improvements, instead we strive for the incremental perfection of proven processes. So we have set up consultation points in our production plant, where all the managers come together to discuss current projects and assess any measures for improvement. This has generated so many good ideas that we decided to establish a similar process in the administrative areas of our company in 2012. Since then, we have also made regular improvements to our administrative processes under the “Good Office Work” project name. And it’s not just our employees who benefit from this, our customers also sense the acceleration in our work directly – as their requirements are processed and executed even faster.

Tested quality

The fact that we don’t just promise quality, but also guarantee it, can be seen in the Quality Office mark on our products. It is the only quality mark that combines all the criteria for premium products, competent consultation and customised service and, consequently, for good office furnishing. This shows once more that we meet the highest demands for safety, ergonomics, functionality and flexibility. To keep it that way, we don’t just rely on our expertise, we also consistently put our office furniture through rigorous tests. All our products undergo a variety of tests and examinations from the design phase onwards. These include:

  •  random outgoing goods inspections by suppliers
  •  standardised procedures for incoming goods inspections by ASSMANN
  •  surface inspections of standard panels for any flaws or blemishes
  •  tests of prefabricated parts for torn edges and swellings as well as tests for finished parts
  •  final inspections of assembled office furniture before shipment by truck
  •  random checks when loading and supervision of truck tours
  •  supported assembly guidance for newly introduced products

With each check that we carry out, not only do we inspect in accordance with the ASSMANN quality standards, we make sure that our environmental guidelines and the given norms specific to the customer and the legislature are also adhered to. We also have the entire life cycle of our office furniture in mind from the planning stage onwards. To do this, we select the right materials straight away to ensure that our products can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way after their use. This is because, with us, the greatest quality applies from start to finish.