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Whistleblowing HotlineWhistleblower Protection

In every organisation, it may occur that applicable laws or regulations are violated. It is in the organisation’s interest and responsibility to take notice of such violations, look into them and “put them right”.

For this reason, we have established an “independent reporting office in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act”. Through its reporting channels, you can report any errors or violations – anonymously, if you so wish, and legally protected as a “whistleblower”.

The reporting office is obligated to keep your identity completely confidential. The reporting office will act on your report.

If you become aware of:

  • Bribery, undue advantage or corruption
  • Fraud, theft
  • Abuse, extortion, coercion
  • Discrimination, stalking
  • or any other violations of applicable law,

and you do not – for whatever reason – want to report it via the “official channels”, then you can


The reporting office is an anonymous, confidential and free-of-charge telephone and online service, through which you can report any concerns regarding misconduct in our organisation.

The independent reporting office, which is provided by the firm Sachverständigenbüro Mülot GmbH, can be contacted at:

If you wish, you may also submit your report in person.


Your identity remains confidential

The reported information and the fact that you have contacted us will remain completely confidential – including from your employer. All information about your report will remain between you and the employees of the reporting office, who are bound by confidentiality requirements.

The reporting office will only reveal your identity if you give your consent, or if it is required by an order of the authorities or the court. In this case, you will be informed, provided that this is not prohibited by an order of the authorities or the court.