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Desks are at the centre of every workplace. This is why they need to satisfy the highest standards and individual requirements. A good desk blends ergonomics with functionality and an attractive appearance. Sufficient space for alternating work postures and a flexible height adjustment system are essential to ensure healthy work routines. Additional extensions to enable intelligent workplace organisation equip the desk perfectly, down to the last detail.

Lightness and elegance.

The reduced design of the Solos creates an open atmosphere in offices of any size. A remarkable eye-catcher in every office, the floating look of the work surface together with the slender frame exudes demure elegance. A combination with other ASSMANN furnishing components fashions a tasteful room design that sets new standards.

Solos product leaflet


  • Floating desktop look
  • Frame flush with the desktop for 800/900/1000 mm widths.
  • Height-adjustable optional from 650-850 mm
  • Optional height adjustment without tools
  • Available in all ASSMANN frame and desktop colours / chrome frame
  • Solos creative: L-shaped arrangement
  • Solos productive: linear arrangement

Route 1 for the right posture.

Canvaro is a convincingly versatile desk system that adapts to the needs of its user. The slender C-foot programme is available with either a rectangular or curved frame form. The programme includes standard desks as well as sit/stand ensembles with height adjustment crank and sit/stand desks powered by an electric motor. Canvaro desks come with numerous functional and planning options that enable their integration in any office layout.


  • Desk system with slender C-foot frame
  • Available with either a rectangular or curved frame form
  • Standard desks, sit/stand desks with crank mechanism to adjust the height andsit/stand tables powered by electric motor in the same look
  • Versatile functions and planning options
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Convincing quality

All-round functionality.

The 4-foot Rondana programme is always the right choice when quality and function are key to choosing a desk system. The fabulously reserved look of the desks allows their effortless integration in any ambience. The different desktop types enable numerous combinations for individual workplace planning.

Rondana product leaflet


  • Aesthetic blend of function and design
  • Desk programme for open-plan office layouts
  • Various frame options
  • Modular structure to allow innumerable configuration options

An impressive appearance.

TriASS is the premium desk programme by ASSMANN. It is synonymous with clear forms, ideal functionality and precious materials. Stripped to the basics in terms of design, TriASS eschews opulence and trusts in purism as an expression of personality. Discerning, representative and convincing at first sight. Premium product quality with a magic ingredient.

TriASS product leaflet


  • Aesthetic blend of function and design
  • Desk programme for open-plan office layouts
  • Various frame options
  • Modular structure to allow innumerable configuration options

Simply appealing.

Sympas comes with all the elementary functions needed to suit very different areas of work. Nevertheless the trusty desk concept is reduced to the essentials, catching the eye with its convincingly clear structures and versatile uses. Available also as a sit/stand desk, the Sympas helps create a dynamic workplace. A solid item of office furniture – flexible in use and budget-friendly.

Sympas product leaflet


  • Uncomplicated desk system with four round or square feet or a T-foot system.
  • Dynamic working style thanks to the sit/stand desk system.
  • Individually configurable basic solutions for single or multiple workplaces, seminar and break rooms, etc.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Convincing quality.

Tastefully matched.

A stylish desk system, Antaro can be put to truly versatile uses. Its tasteful design accommodates a broad variety of quality requirements. The broad material selection makes it adaptable to the needs of practically any area of the office, from clerical workplaces to the manager's office.

Antaro product leaflet


  • High-quality look with curved and rectangular frame models.
  • A wide selection of materials for use in almost any functional area.
  • Broad range of functional extensions
  • Excellent quality

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