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Desks Manually or electrically height-adjustable

Perfect desks do not just appeal through their attractive design, but also through their functionality, ergonomic features and their highest quality finish. Our innovative desks can be supplemented with a wide range of accessories and they contribute to positive health in the workplace with their flexible height adjustment.

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Keeping in exercise with height-adjustable desks.

Back problems and strains are among the most common health problems in everyday office work. Predominantly sedentary, low-mobility activities are among the main causes of permanent damage to the spine. Flexible, height-adjustable desks where you can stand or sit are an effective means of promoting health. Alternating between sitting and standing activates the cardiovascular system and relieves muscles and pressure on the spine and its spinal discs. This avoids any incorrect posture and one-sided stresses.

In addition to sit-and-stand desks, our range also includes conventional desk systems where the height can be ideally adjusted to people’s own sitting position.