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Shaping a successful careerWorking at ASSMANN

There are many jobs in the furniture industry, many different ones in fact – from administration and production right through to logistics – which demand a wide variety of strengths, skills and personalities. We give you tasks that involve excitement as well as responsibility, and the ideal conditions for you to work well and gain experience. Beyond that, everyone at ASSMANN enjoys numerous additional perks and benefits. If this is what appeals to you, then it may not be long before we welcome you to our team!


What we offer

The well-being of people is close to our heart at ASSMANN. In addition to our extensive occupational health and safety measures, our ASSPLUS health management scheme also offers a range of sports and recreational activities.

We ensure that our colleagues get the appreciation they deserve for their good work with a diverse programme of company benefits.

Benefits for our employees

Benefits for our employees

Distinguished with the TOP JOB Employer’s Award

ASSMANN has recently been confirmed as one of the best employers in the German small to medium-sized enterprise sector when they were granted the TOP JOB Award for the second time in 2019. In order to be allowed to carry the TOP JOB certification, ASSMANN called on its employees to answer a range of questions on the subject of job satisfaction – as they had already done in 2017. They did this totally anonymously and in a range of different categories. The evaluation is carried out by the University of St. Gallen. ASSMANN was confirmed to be doing all the right things again with the “TOP JOB” Award in 2019.

The company pension scheme

On request and under certain conditions, such as at least two years of employment in the company, ASSMANN will fund an employer-financed pension scheme or direct insurance with Metallrente.

Flexible working hours models

In our administrative sector, employees are allowed to vary the time when they start or finish work, as long as they are available during the core working hours (flexitime). Then any accrued plus or minus hours are transferred or offset to a time account for each employee. The production workers work on a shift system. Here too, any accrued plus or minus hours are transferred or offset to a time account for each employee.

Mobile work

For our employees to achieve a better work-life balance, there is an option for working away from the company as part of an agreed schedule. On the basis of empirical values taken from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees should in future be given the opportunity to work from home among other places, where such an arrangement is possible and makes sense, on one to two days a week (25 per cent on average).

Work time accounts

Colleagues are given the option to set up a work time account. Employees can use this to enable them to make individual and flexible decisions about their work time structure, especially about their professional activities, as well as when planning financial aspects of their life. This could include elements of monthly salaries and any one-off payments. The contributions of such pay elements could then be used to cover any “exemption periods”, in the form of early retirement, limited part-time employment, time off, personal further training as well as any reactions to personal life situations for employees with full-time pay entitlement.

The company health management scheme

ASSMANN has made it its business to get ahead with health matters by cooperating with the AOK and providing its employees with the best preventive care through a system of effective health management. This includes aspects that have also been mentioned here, such as mobile work for better reconciliation of work and family life or a business bike to promote physical health. In addition to this there are stress seminars, financial cover or support for employees who need VDU workplace glasses as well as the option to see the company doctor.

Well equipped, modern workplaces

There are height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs available for ASSMANN employees. Modern storage systems and meeting rooms are also provided.

Benefits secured by collective agreement

Every employee who works for us under a standard employment contract is entitled to a contractually agreed holiday and Christmas bonus. Holiday bonuses are paid to all employees with the June payslip, while Christmas bonuses are paid in October for the production staff and in November for the administration staff.

Suggestions management with attractive cash and non-cash rewards

Every employee has the opportunity to make suggestions in the company suggestions scheme that could, if implemented, could lead to improvements in various areas such as productivity, work processes, product quality, the environment etc. If the improvement proposal leads to a saving which can be ascertained by the departments concerned, this results in a corresponding bonus for the employee(s). When deciding whether to award a bonus, it does not matter whether the savings can be calculated or whether the proposal brings different kinds of benefits. 

Regular team and group meetings to increase our “feel-good factor”

Departmental and group meetings take place at regular intervals. These discussions assess the working environment using positive and negative feedback, and aim to resolve any disruptive factors while ensuring that each employee benefits from the greatest possible feel-good factors.

Day nursery places

ASSMANN has made a financial contribution to the extension of a day nursery in Westerhausen. In return, ASSMANN has free access to two day nursery places. Our employees can independently enquire whether a place is currently available and then take it up.

Annual appraisals for development and potential

There is a personal appraisal discussion between each employee and their line manager at least once a year. This is where both parties give their feedback on the employee’s development in various areas to date. That employee’s potential development is also discussed in terms of their job, their further training and professional development needs etc.

Individual further development and training opportunities

Employees are given the opportunity to receive further training in all areas, both within and outside the company. ASSMANN will normally cover all the costs.

Anniversary payments

Employees are given cash and non-cash gifts for their long-service anniversaries from ten to 35 years in the company. Beyond that they get an extra day’s holiday for their 25-year and 35-year anniversaries.

Subsidised gym membership

To promote their employees’ health, ASSMANN will finance employees’ gym membership with a monthly contribution of up to €20.45 on submission of the appropriate documentation. To get this, all the employee has to do is provide evidence of their gym attendance, payment of the contribution and medically certified promotion of their health through functional exercises.

Annual company, family and Christmas parties

ASSMANN puts on a family party every summer, with many attractions and entertainments, and a Christmas party in the winter, where they welcome all current employees and some former employees. Parties are also organised for special occasions, such as our recent event to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the company.

Space for recreation and relaxation

To provide our employees with an environment where they can switch off and recharge their batteries, especially during break times, ASSMANN has set up break rooms for both production and administrative employees, in areas that are separated from the normal work areas. This is where our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of all our various break room facilities. These include automats with rolls, snacks and drinks, table football, the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues away from work or simply to switch off.

Company sports

ASSMANN regularly takes part in tournaments with other companies. There is an ASSMANN company football team for this purpose. The company also participates regularly in a regional chair hockey tournament.

Business bikes/Company bicycles

ASSMANN is making an extensive contribution to its employees’ health, motivation and sense of belonging with the implementation of their business bike system. A system which not only protects the environment but also improves traffic conditions. Employees should be able to use a bicycle or e-bike that meets their personal needs or wishes – at a favourable rate – through a bicycle leasing system.

Employee tickets (for VFL-Osnabrück)

As part of their sponsorship for VFL Osnabrück, ASSMANN is given two tickets for each home match. Any employees who are interested can put their names on a list. The tickets are then drawn at random.

Good transport access with public transport.

ASSMANN has a railway siding virtually on its doorstep. This means that employees from both the Osnabrück direction and the Melle direction can quickly get to work by train.

Investment in a successful futureFurther training at ASSMANN

We don’t just invest specifically in training, we also ensure that all our workplaces are occupied by qualified and committed people with access to a comprehensive range of further training. In the annual personnel development appraisals, further training measures are agreed with each employee to promote their professional and personal development.