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Smart OfficeIntelligent office management | Booking systems

ASSMANN SMART offers a multitude of new ways to transform your office into a smart office, be it sensor-supported booking or intelligent, software-controlled electronic locker systems. Our intelligent smart office solutions allow for more flexible working, both spatially and temporally, and improve internal processes and work structures.

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ASSMANN SMART – Book your Space

The digitalisation of the working world is rapidly progressing and calls for innovative new approaches to the organisation and design of almost every area of the workspace. The term “smart office” refers to systems that are connected to each other within the working world. This may refer to office workspaces, as well as to overall building management or security systems. With ASSMANN SMART, we are offering a variety of digital solutions that provide companies with attractive new ways to shape their everyday routine.


Smart Process

With intelligent, software-controlled electronic lockers, objects or documents can be handed over without meeting in person at a fixed time. The smart system is extremely versatile: it can be used as a personal storage space by individuals, on a temporary basis by project groups, as an intelligent collection point, for the transfer of items between employees and departments, or for lending of technical equipment. The smart locker system can be used to replace any in-person meeting between two people at a particular time and place in order to exchange a physical object.

Smart Organisation

By using smart booking systems, office workspaces can be conveniently reserved from home or on the go, despite limited availability due to increasing requirements for working from home. Additional resources such as meeting rooms or parking spaces are also available for booking. Employees can check in on site by scanning a QR code or presenting their personal chip. The sensor technology checks the bookings and provides reliable data to optimise utilisation of the workspace.

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