In modern work environments and open-plan offices, the demands on the furniture often change, depending on the project or the composition of the employees and the teams. Many companies are already using office space with constantly changing or different project teams, in shared working spaces. In tune with these requirements, a storage space solution based on individuality has been developed with Cubas. This functional office cupboard and storage system gives structure to spaces and can be adapted to changing user requirements with movable modules that can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees.

Great functionality and innovative design

A room-dividing and functional storage solution: This storage space system can be deployed as a flexible division between work areas, as a sideboard or as a spacious office cupboard for keeping files or personal possessions.

0 Each element can be rotated manually through 360°

Each module can be rotated and adapted to individual needs and requirements. This rotation of the furniture is enabled by a unique fitting developed exclusively for ASSMANN.

There are hardly any limits to the scope for design with Cubas. The mixture of open shelving areas and closed storage modules can be flexibly planned. Work materials disappear behind attractive cupboard doors while decoration or books are displayed to advantage. Rectangular or square modules, colours and materials as well as the overall height and width of the units can be individually configured. This results in a wide range of different realisation options.

Cubas appeals with its simple, tool-free assembly and its easy transport with small, part-assembled elements. Its fast and flexible assembly and change-over is especially practical and time-saving when moving or changing users in the office workplace.

Cubas receives the German Design Award

In 2020 the storage system was distinguished as a winner with the German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

The German Design Award is bestowed by the German Design Council to recognise innovative products that lead the way in the world of German and international design. Its objective is to discover unique design trends, to present them and to distinguish them. Cubas particularly impressed the judges with its practical use and its coordinated design. Literally, as stated in its rationale, “the cube-shaped modules that make up this room-structuring storage system can be freely rotated as much as you like, with its clever mechanism, to give the furniture an ever-changing look depending on the way it is used. An appealing idea that has been elegantly realised to bring a vivacious sense of movement to rigid furniture layouts.”