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Assmann scores in Iran with “Made in Germany”

Furniture Club participates in a partner’s company exhibition in Teheran

In a presumably hitherto unique manner, members of the Furniture Club, including Assmann office furniture from Melle, presented their products and services in Iran. The objective of the joint appearance at a company exhibition in a hotel in Teheran was to gauge the possibilities of an export business with the interesting growth market in one of the largest national economies in the Islamic world. And it was a success. It became apparent that the “Made in Germany” logo also carries significant weight in the Iranian world of professional interior furnishings.

The opportunity to participate in a local partner’s company exhibition presented itself through the Niemann company from Preußisch Oldendorf. Assmann office furniture was more than willing to take advantage of this chance as one of nine companies from the area. “And it was worth it”, said Jens Lebelt, authorised signatory and manager of export and sales management. “From what I have heard, we were the very first German company from the furniture branch to exhibit in this way in Teheran. In the course of the three days, we had extremely interesting conversations, including with representatives from the German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses on site, as well as potential local business partners, among others”, he concluded. On this basis, Assmann wishes to closely follow the attractive and growing market of the Islamic republic in the coming months. The objective is to consolidate contacts and develop long-term partnerships.

Iranian object decision-makers, architects and furniture retailers expressed their interest in German products at the company exhibition. If the foundation of the nuclear agreement with Iran remains unchanged, the prospects are extremely positive, as there is an enormous backlog demand for Western consumer goods in the country. 

In addition to Assmann, the following companies exhibited in Teheran: Drapilux (Emsdetten), GH (Lingen), Hettich (Kirchlengern), MWE (Everswinkel), Trüggelmann (Bielefeld) and Schildmeyer (Bad Oynhausen), among others.