A company in its third generation and still at the cutting edge.

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A great outlook in a forward-looking company

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Professional qualifications at ASSMANN

There is no doubt that the first steps into the professional world mark a completely new phase in life. This is why young people should think long and hard about which apprenticeship or degree course they would like to begin.

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Industry 4.0

Digitally networked machinery produces 1.5 million wooden components since the end of 2012

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A friendly reception. Bright, attractive and reduced to the essential. From small to exclusive solutions. Individually plannable and quickly implemented.

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STABILO CUBE Testimonial

Startseite  |  05.07.2017

A company building sets new standards

Well placed internationally

Blog  |  14.06.2017

ASSMANN at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London

Traditionsunternehmen gewinnt...

Press Information  |  20.02.2017

Die ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL GMBH & CO. KG produziert in Melle mit modernsten Produktionsanlagen funktionelle und designorientierte Büroeinrichtungen. Auf...

Vacant Positions


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