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German companies in sustainability ranking - ASSMANN Office Furniture in the Top 10

Tenth place for ASSMANN in sustainability evaluation

The Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) has evaluated and analysed which companies in Germany offer the greatest ecological, social and economic added value for society. The research findings, on behalf of the dpa subsidiary news aktuell and the PR agency Faktenkontor, have been captioned with the lovely headline “The Jewels of the German Economy” – and what’s even better is that we stand out in this list along with companies like OSRAM, Continental or Siemens. Tenth place for ASSMANN in this list of internationally successful companies is both validation and motivation to continue to pursue our course of sustainable thinking and working as an integral part of our everyday business, as well as our social responsibility as an important aspect of our economic activity. 

The sustainability reports and similar publications of the 5,000 companies in Germany with the highest number of employees were examined. This also includes the latest ASSMAN sustainability report (Link:

The evaluation took place in accordance with the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which has dealt with the standardisation and assessment of sustainable development since 1997 - with great success for ASSMANN: the latest ranking places us among the ten German companies with the greatest ecological, social and economic added value for our society! We can be rightly proud of this!

ASSMANN among the top 10 sustainable companies in Germany

Sustainability is one of the company management’s central, future-orientated benchmarks. In order to enjoy long-term success, a company needs to have a policy of sustainable development and also communicate it clearly. The objective of a study carried out by the PR agency Faktenkontor and the dpa subsidiary news aktuell was to find out which companies in Germany are particularly valuable when judged against the benchmark of sustainability. This received the scientific support of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI).

Food for thought for a sustainable future as an attractive employer

Our good ranking is incorporated in our overall sustainability strategy. Since 2012 we have regularly published our sustainability report. Our objective here is to document our numerous measures in the area of sustainability, as well as to give suggestions and food for thought for a sustainable future and successful business. Environmental protection and resource preservation along with sustainable development as a reliable and attractive employer for people in the region are for us the key strategic success factors. 

We can look back on 20 years of environmental management in accordance with the European directive (EMAS). That's 20 years of continuously making improvements with regard to the environment and resources, which pays off in many respects: we are living up to our role as a responsible company and fulfil the obligations of the sustainability strategy in Germany. We are continuously working on improving production processes and are focusing on the sustainable use of energy and the latest technologies which enable us to manufacture in an even more environmentally friendly and flexible way. Digitalisation and Work 4.0 also remain key sustainability issues. We view our strong position in the rankings as acknowledgement of our good sustainability work, but also as an incentive for the future!