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Consultation and planning

We develop room concepts that meet individual needs.

A precisely detailed design view can be created with the “pCon.planner” space-planning system.

Our customer-support personnel and retail partners listen carefully and make product recommendations to satisfy specific needs.

We develop room concepts that meet individual needs.

People are at the centre of what we do. That is not just a promise but the foundation of our work. To satisfy the requirements of our customers and partners, our first order of business is a comprehensive consultation and requirements analysis. The requirements that office furniture is expected to meet are just as varied as the industries and workplaces where it is used.

Our work begins with listening. Once we have a brief from our customers of their requirements, we then plan appropriate solutions to their individual circumstances. We ensure that the advice given to our customers always corresponds to the latest advancements in office planning by providing ongoing training courses to our customer- support personnel and specialised retail partners.

In the next step, we work with our retail partners to develop an individual conceptual layout of the space. This covers space-efficiency or detailed planning, selected product recommendations and effective acoustics planning. Step by step, this gives rise to solutions that optimise the typical workday of our customers — regardless of which industry they work in.

Design and industrial production

Logistics and assembly