GERRY WEBER International AG (Halle/Westfalen)

Just like the women's fashion by GERRY WEBER, the creative centre of the successful company from Halle needs to present a perfect blend of style, comfort and innovation. ASSMANN co-operated closely with the GERRY WEBER project team to create an overall concept for workplace design, lighting and acoustics, also fitting the various work spaces with colour-coded office furniture systems.



Streamlining of the communicative processes among employees to ensure more effective cooperation and authentic presentation of the GERRY WEBER International AG brand values.

Structural challenge

The redevelopment of a former logistics centre required careful planning to include renovation, overall concept planning of the air conditioning systems, lighting, media technology and such like. The redevelopment schedule of just 10 months also called for efficient implementation.


Ground floor: 140 employees <br/>Upper floor: 168 employees

Room types

  • Completely gutted storeys with an open-plan concept, in which the various departments are connected by common areas
  • Mainly waist-high storage space in the departmental areas, delimiting separate workplace set-ups for teams of 3
  • Transparent offices for the heads of department
  • Open and closed communication zones


  • TriASS desk set-ups
  • Pontis sliding door cabinets, roller containers and large containers
  • InvitASS fitted wall cabinet system

Desks and visitor chairs

Friedrich-W. Dauphin GmbH & Co.

Upright and ceiling lights

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG