Sit / stand tables

Always on the move.

Backache and tension are the most frequent complaints associated with office work. Activities that do not involve much movement and are largely performed in a seated position can permanently damage the spine. Flexible sit/stand desks are an effective remedy. Merely the movement involved in switching from a seated to a standing position activates the cardiovascular system and eases the strain on the muscles, vertebrae and spine. This helps prevent poor posture and one-sided strain.

Canvaro STS

Canvaro STS is the desk model for those who like to keep up-to-date with ergonomic recommendations and is actively looking for an effective means to prevent back problems. Powered by an electric motor, the height-adjustable sit/stand desks have an adjustment range of 620 to 1250 mm. So it could not be easier to change postures at work – adding movement to office routines.

Canvaro STS Product leaflet


  • Desk system with slender C-foot frame
  • Also available with a rectangular or curved frame form
  • Height-adjustable via electric motor: 650 - 1280mm for round frames, 620 - 1280mm for angular frames
  • Convincing quality

Canvaro Compact

The Canvaro Compact is a very special kind of workplace. The twin desk comes with an optional sit/stand function powered by electric motor. The integrated privacy screen with sound absorption is the ideal way to enable close collaboration or concentrated work in an extremely compact space. Seat containers introduce an added touch of comfort as an optional extra.

Canvaro Compact Product leaflet


  • Integrated privacy screen and sound absorption
  • Height adjustment is now included as a basic function in Type 2
  • Type 3 has an additional LED display with adjustable desktop height
  • Desk light directly integrated into the desk’s frame
  • Basic version of the Canvaro Compact

Canvaro 500

In its Canvaro 500 desk model, ASSMANN provides an entry-level product for ergonomic workplaces that is kind on the budget. This sit/stand desk is freely adjustable in a range of 500 mm and therefore satisfies the needs of average-height users.

Canvaro 500 Product leaflet


  • The price is barely higher than for a comparably standard workplace
  • Height adjustment powered by electric motor in a range between 720 and 1220 mm, infinitely adjustable by push switch, optional memory feature and Anti-CollisionTM
  • Desktop in all ASSMANN décor colours

Movement is trumps.

Sympas sit/stand desks are the most affordable entry-level products in the ASSMANN sit/stand workplace programme. These desks are fitted with an electric motor for convenient height adjustment at the flick of a switch. Making office life more dynamic. Switching from a seated to a standing position at work can lastingly prevent cardiovascular diseases and back pain commonly associated with offices.

Sympas Product leaflet


  • Four-foot frame in round/square or with T-foot
  • Height adjustment by switch-operated electric motor
  • Excellent value for money
  • Convincing quality

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