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Working in peace.

The issue of room acoustics is a key element in the design of efficient workplaces, especially in the case of open-plan offices. Open office layouts help their users to share information quickly and promote flexibility. But these benefits come at the cost of a noisier environment. ASSMANN offers acoustically effective solutions for furnishings, structured interiors, walls and ceilings. For instance, the versatile Viteco partition wall systems can be installed in open-plan offices as an effective means of sound absorption.

Sounds like a good idea.

From sound-absorbing acoustic pictures to stylish partition walls: we can provide you with individual office furnishings for quiet, focused work. And because we know that there is no such thing as a complete solution for the right acoustics, our experts will be happy to help you implement the most suitable concept for your working environment.


  • Increases concentration
  • Prevents noise-induced stres
  • Accentuates colours and has a room-structuring effect
  • Seamless integration into existing room structures


Akustikoberfläche Acoustic surface
Mikroperforation Micro-perforation
Schlitzung Slotted
Stoff Sichtrückwände Fabric back panels
Textile Coating Textile Coating