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Stylish storage and screening.

Storage space designed for a sophisticated office ambience. Provides sufficient space for files, lends structure to open-plan offices.


  • Clear and conclusive architectural forms within a logical grid system
  • High-quality materials and fittings
  • Ideal to structure the layout and design of open-plan office environments
  • Numerous cabinet and shelf models
  • Broad and coherent dimensions



Available for all Wood components.

Maple Maple
Beech Beech
Cherry-Malaga Cherry-Malaga
Oak-Ferrara Oak-Ferrara
Acacial Acacial
Walnut Walnut
Silicia Silicia
Grey white Grey white
Light grey Light grey
Signal white Signal white
Metallic silver Metallic silver
Anthracite Anthracite
Slate Slate
Basalt Basalt New
Misty Grey Misty Grey New
Black Black New


*Available for all fronts in 19 mm and covers (no structural components, no table tops)

Antique rose Antique roseNews
Fjord green Fjord greenNew
Clay yellow Clay yellow New
Cactus green Cactus green New


Other veneers on enquiry. Available for fronts (19mm and 25mm), tables and covers.

Oak tobacco Oak tobacco New
Oak-Natura Oak-Natura New
Oak-Polar Oak-Polar New
Concrete light grey Concrete light grey New
Concrete anthracite Concrete anthracite New


Ash black Ash black
Ash grey Ash grey
Natural ash Natural ash
Natural oak Natural oak
Pear Pear
Cherry Cherry
Natural Beech Natural beech
Natural Birch Natural birch
Walnut Walnut

Accentuated décor

Marone-Relief Marone relief

Base and frame colours

White aluminium White aluminium
Black Black
Anthracite Anthracite
Grey white Grey white
Signal white Signal white