Greater space for knowledge and communication.

Important issues are discussed and crucial decisions reached in conference, meeting and seminar areas. This requires an appropriate setting to provide the right atmosphere and a convincing degree of comfort. Another important aspect is functionality, especially to create ideal conditions for talks and presentations requiring technical equipment.

Lightness and elegance.

The reduced design of the Solos creates an open atmosphere in offices of any size. A remarkable eye-catcher in every office, the floating look of the work surface together with the slender frame exudes demure elegance. A combination with other ASSMANN furnishing components fashions a tasteful room design that sets new standards.

Solos product leaflet


  • Floating desktop look
  • Frame flush with the desktop for 800/900/1000 mm widths.
  • Height-adjustable in 10 mm increments from 620 to 820 mm
  • Optional height adjustment without tools
  • Available in all ASSMANN frame and desktop colours / chrome frame
  • Convincing quality
  • Solos High Desk in a range of dimensions

For tailored teamwork.

The sophisticated design concept of the tables in the TriASS programme makes them ideal for conference rooms, team workplaces and conference facilities. Of course the configurations can be enlarged or reduced to suit almost any requirement. The spacious cable channels and the fitted TURN boxes perfectly accommodate the technical media and provide options to connect the data and power cables.

TriASS Product leaflet


  • Almost unlimited extension of the table configurations
  • Simple integration of the media technology
  • Easy to dismantle and variable in design

For superior requirements.

High-quality materials and numerous tabletop designs allow practically unlimited layouts for sophisticated conference and meeting rooms. All of the Antaro table systems can accommodate media technology. Unprecedented functionality and elegant design create a superb setting for productive meetings.

Antaro Product leaflet


  • Eye-catching and high-quality material mix
  • Power and media channels can be fitted
  • Versatile configuration options

Befitting the occasion.

The Canvaro programme provides numerous options for a vast array of different conference and meeting solutions. Different price ranges can be achieved based on the selection of materials. Numerous décor surfaces and frame colours with robust powder coating are available for more modest demands.

Canvaro Product leaflet


  • Outstanding value for money
  • Power and media channels can be fitted
  • Versatile configuration options

Solid and budget-friendly.

The table programme Rondana proves that good-looking furniture solutions for conference and meeting areas are also available in an attractively-priced range. The numerous colour and surface options as well as the appropriate media compatibility ensure that all conference configurations remain possible, which is a common feature throughout the ASSMANN table programme.

Rondana Product leaflet


  • Outstanding value for money
  • Power and media channels can be fitted

  • Versatile configuration options

Astonishingly versatile.

The increasing need for tete-à-tete between colleagues, spontaneous meetings and conferences calls for office furniture that is equally variable. Pontis picks up on this demand in an equally versatile way. The Pontis seminar tables allow numerous different combinations. Arranging them in various ways to suit specific requirements is entirely uncomplicated. The flexibility of these mobile tables is truly unbeatable. They are simply rolled to wherever they are needed. It only takes one flick to fold them up and save space. Pontis meeting and bistro tables create more space to work, to meet and to enjoy breaks – also available with height-adjustment mechanism or on rollers.

Pontis Product leaflet


  • Curved or rectangular seminar table frames
  • Two frame versions available for the mobile table
  • Ideal additions to a current system
  • Versatile uses
  • Freely combinable with all ASSMANN programmes

Relaxed communication.

Comfortable Syneo lounge elements create a relaxed setting for informal communication in open-plan offices. They transform central areas into ideal communication zones. The Syneo Communication Cube is a creative and cosy venue for productive discussions on the fringes: private, but still in the thick of things. The Syneo Cafeteria Lounge is an excellent place to meet with customers and business partners in a relaxed atmosphere.

Syneo Product leaflet


  • Flexible uses, especially in open-plan offices
  • Fosters productive communication and co-operation
  • Creates calm areas for work in open spaces
  • Increases general satisfaction at work
  • Facilitates planning thanks to the small number of modular elements

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