Communication on a grand scale.

Providing the perfect setting – for conferences and for weekly meetings - is very easy with our broad range of office furniture systems. Whether debating with business partners or presenting good ideas, we have the most suitable furniture for functional conference rooms, ranging from productive to luxurious.




Esche-Schwarz Ash black
Esche-Grau Ash grey
Esche-Natur Natural ash
Esche-Natur Natural oak
Birnbaum Pear
Kirsche Cherry
Buche-Natur Natural beech
Birke-Natur Natural birch
Nussbaum Walnut

*Other veneers on enquiry.


Ahorn Maple
Buche Beech
Kirsche-Malagar Cherry-Malaga
Eiche-Ferrara Oak-Ferrara
Kirsche Acacial
Nussbaum Walnut
Kiesel Silicia
Grauweiß Grey white
Lichtgrau Light grey
Signalweiß Signal white
Metallise Silber Metallic silver
Anthrazit Anthracite
Schiefer Slate

Frame colours

Weißaluminium White aluminium
Schwarz Black
Anthrazitgrau Anthracite
Grauweiß Grey white
Signalweiß Signal white