Integrated equipment / workplace organisation

Working well in open spaces.

Open-plan is the contemporary style of office design. Open office concepts make it easier to share information and to communicate freely. But the challenge they pose is to create acoustically and visually separate areas that enable concentrated work in the hurly burly of office life.

It also takes intelligent organisation and the ideal provisioning of IT and communication equipment to ensure that all workplaces are perfectly connected.

Flexter – variable organisation

Flexter organisational rails blend inconspicuously into the background and make it easy to configure a workstation to fit personal preferences. Monitor holders, power sockets, lights and other add-ons can be attached and positioned as desired in just a few quick steps.


  • 3-track Flexter rail for use on back-to-back workstations
  • Comfortable workstation organisation thanks to 2-track Flexter rail
  • Flexible positioning of all add-ons for custom desk configurations

Intelligently networked.

Applica provides all features of a communication switchboard at a normal workplace. The innovative docking system enables innumerable combinations between the desk and the accessories. This is an unbeatable way to connect workplaces efficiently and to make ideal use of IT and communication technology. What's more, Applica creates a visual and acoustic privacy screen around the different work areas. An altogether well-conceived workplace module in modern design.

Applica Product leaflet


  • Integrative desktop docking system
  • Ideal connections for the data network and power supply
  • Cultivated cable management
  • Tidy, concealed channels
  • Individual connection options
  • Also available with monitor and tablet holder, fitted lighting and storage shelves
  • Visual and acoustic screening
  • Variable in form and colour
  • Applica with centrally integrated lights

Concentrated work in a group.

The Viteco system by ASSMANN skilfully fulfils all the planning requirements of modern office settings, from room division with sound absorbing properties through to workplace organisation, visual screening and office design. The four individual system lines ensure functional and budgetary flexibility. Moreover, the versatile, configurable elements leave plenty of space for creative design.

Viteco Product leaflet


  • Highly functional thanks to the effective acoustic properties, visual screening and additional shelf space
  • Flexible due to the broad range of standard sizes and available combinations
  • Large selection of dimensions, materials and colours
  • Practical options in the four individual system lines, an organisation system and additional configurable elements
  • Combinable with all furniture systems


Temporary workplaces used by several employees are becoming increasingly important features in modern offices. The Syneo sit/stand workplaces deftly reflect this requirement. The upholstered side walls act as effective sound absorbers to muffle the ambient noise while also providing a useful privacy screen. In addition, the Syneo wall elements can double up as wardrobes – a homely element with striking colours.

Syneo Loungemöbel Product leaflet


  • Particularly suited to open-plan offices
  • Temporary sit / stand workplace
  • High sound absorption to create a quiet area for work
  • Visual screening
  • Facilitates planning thanks to the small number of modular elements

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