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Height-adjustable desksErgonomic workplaces

Ergonomic workplaces are crucial for healthy and productive office work. That’s why we have been developing and producing height-adjustable desks for decades at ASSMANN. They make an important contribution to back health and ensure ergonomically correct posture in the workplace – in the office as well as when working from home. Our desk systems are a genuine and, above all, sustainable investment in back health and contribute to a sense of well-being.

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Back health in the workplace

Anyone who sits a lot knows the problem. Their backs hurt, their spinal discs suffer and their muscles tense up. Back pain has long been a widespread disease that mainly affects office workers. Surveys conducted by leading health insurance companies show that “Germany suffers from back pain”. The reasons for back pain and neck pain are usually lack of exercise and poor posture at work.

To prevent back pain, doctors recommend working from a standing position for 15 minutes in each hour. Alternating between sitting and standing activates the cardiovascular system and relieves muscles and pressure on the spine and its spinal discs. With the development of height-adjustable desks, ASSMANN is making a contribution to back health in modern office working environments. Our flexible sit-and-stand desks can be individually adjusted to any body size to enable the ideal conditions for working ergonomically while sitting or standing. In addition to their ease of use and good price-performance ratio, all our electrically height-adjustable ASSMANN desks have an appealing, timelessly modern design. This creates workplaces that are not only functional and ergonomic, but also look really good in the office or at home.

The advantages of height-adjustable desks

More exercise

Considerably less is eaten during work at height-adjustable desks and more work is done from a standing position instead.

Fewer health complaints

Pains or tensions in the upper back, shoulder or neck areas lessen considerably when working from a sit-and-stand desk.

Increased productivity

Office work from a height-adjustable desk increases productivity and noticeably improves concentration.

A better sense of well-being

Changing between sitting and standing at work has positive effects on people's own health and sense of well-being.

Height-adjustable desks in two versions

Electrically height-adjustable

Our electrically height-adjustable desks enable comfortable and ergonomic work when sitting or standing with seamless height adjustment from 620 to 1,285 mm. It operates with ease at the touch of a button. Depending on the model of the desk, the systems have access to a memory function so any saved height levels can be called up at any time. Additionally all electrically adjustable desks can be fitted and supplemented with intelligent ASSMANN smart office solutions.

Manually height-adjustable

We supply our manually adjustable sit-and-stand desks in three height adjustment versions – with button-operated grid adjustment, with a tension lever or with Allen key adjustment.