Desks range

Well-equipped. For good work.

Desks are at the centre of every workplace. This is why they need to satisfy the highest standards and individual requirements. A good desk blends ergonomics with functionality and an attractive appearance. Sufficient space for alternating work postures and a flexible height adjustment system are essential to ensure healthy work routines. Additional extensions to enable intelligent workplace organisation equip the desk perfectly, down to the last detail.

Keeping active.

Backache and tension are the most frequent health complaints associated with office work. Activities that do not involve much movement and are largely performed in a seated position are among the main causes of permanent damage to the spine. Flexible sit/stand desks are an effective remedy. Merely the movement involved in switching from a seated to a standing position activates the cardiovascular system and eases the strain on the muscles, vertebrae and spine. This helps prevent poor posture and one-sided strain.


Sit/stand desks