Containers / Shelves

Everything right on hand.

Containers play a crucial role in the question of whether an office will be perceived as functionally well-conceived. They offer just the right place to store frequently needed documents, writing utensils and small tools used in everyday office routines. Well-organised storage space helps to maintain order and keep things tidy.

Tidier, better organisation.

The practical and functional ancillary units in the Pontis programme are hugely beneficial and convincingly multifunctional when it comes to ensuring effective, structured and purposeful work. Besides their storage space, the Pontis standard containers provide an additional work surface. Not only does the high container possess a remarkable capacity, it is also an ideal place to complete quick tasks while standing up, or for use as a small partition wall. In contrast, the roller containers can be slotted under the desk to save space. The technology container is the ideal place to hold IT software and is also visually appealing.

Pontis Product leaflet


  • Ideal additions to a current system
  • Numerous professional functions, from standard solutions to special furniture
  • Useful and ergonomic ancillary units offering great user friendliness
  • First-class quality
  • Freely combinable with all ASSMANN programmes
  • Open-Space-Container, available in standing and desk height
  • Pedestal, available in different designs
  • Orgabox

Storage with a touch of magic.

Intavis containers belong to ASSMANN's designer storage system programme. The standard, roller and technology container models enable convenient access to files, office materials and equipment. They are fitted with high-quality push-to-open panels. It only takes a slight nudge on the front, and the drawer extends automatically out of the body. Noticeably practical and stylish.

Intavis Product leaflet


  • Available as upright, roller and technology containers
  • High-quality materials and fittings
  • Premium push-to-open panels

  • Large selection of models
  • Numerous décor and colour combinations

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