Cabinets / shelves

Beyond tidy.

Folders, paper and other data carriers need to have a sensible storage space if an office is to look tidy. The various configurations for the different cabinet and shelf systems ensure just the right storage space for all kinds of materials and documents. What's more, the versatile storage elements are also ideal as privacy screens and to add structure to the room. Aesthetically pleasing, the furniture items are also design highlights.

Stylish storage and screening.

In many cases, the idea of creating personal workspace while still conveying a sense of spaciousness will present a particular challenge to the planners of open-plan offices. But the Intavis cabinet and shelf systems offer a remarkable solution. Intavis cabinets and shelves provide sufficient space for files, lend structure to open-plan offices and also create a nice-looking privacy screen. The amazing versatility of the various cabinet and shelf types satisfies practically any requirement.

Intavis Stauraumsystem Product leaflet


  • Clear and conclusive architectural forms within a logical grid system
  • High-quality materials and fittings
  • Ideal to structure the layout and design of open-plan office environments
  • Numerous cabinet and shelf models
  • Broad and coherent dimensions

Tailored storage.

The cabinets in the versatile Allvia storage space concept guarantee perfectly measured functionality, sophisticated technical details and outstanding workmanship, whether as wall cabinets, room dividers or to add structure to office spaces. The free-standing Allvia cabinet configurations are simply perfect to help arrange rooms. Whether as open shelves or as cabinets with sliding doors, horizontal shutters or wing doors. Allvia storage space elements look good from any angle.

Allvia Product leaflet


  • Versatile storage space concept for individual combinations
  • Variable room layout thanks to the use of cabinet configurations as free-standing or partition elements, or against the walls
  • Ideal additions to office space, call centres, conference rooms, reception zones or other functional areas
  • Consistent grid structure, attractive joints and ideal body design
  • Custom solutions owing to the broad spectrum of colours and sizes
  • Brand-conscious value for money
  • Optional available: high-gloss crystal front panels

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