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State Ministry of NRW (Dusseldorf)

Previously spread over a number of locations in Dusseldorf, the project to bring together the employees at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry (MWEIMH) of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia within one 22-storey high-rise building required the highest standards of facility planning and interior design. Among other things, ASSMANN ensured ideal integration of the storage space needed in the various office types.

"Shutting four sites and bringing the entire staff together in new premises – that was truly a herculean task. You need real experts that you can rely on in any situation. The office furniture specialists from ASSMANN were among our most important partners. It speaks for itself that the new sit/stand tables make a significant contribution to the overall satisfaction of our staff.

Torsten Burmester, Head of the Central Department at MWEIMH


For some time, the MWEIMH had been looking for a suitable building in which it could bring together its entire staff under one roof. Until then the Ministry had maintained four locations in Düsseldorf. Ultimately, the former Vodafone building satisfied all the requirements just perfectly.

Structural challenge

It was necessary to install partition walls to convert all open-plan offices into single or double offices in order to meet the MWEIMH requirements. Moreover, it was necessary to complete the complex and technical procedure of separating the building (electricity, heating) from outbuildings that would no longer be used.


The Ministry equipped roughly 300 workplaces with height-adjustable sit/stand desks as a means of preventing occupational illnesses.

Room types

Mainly single and double offices; special areas such as for IT and conferences


  • Canvaro und Antaro desks
  • Allvia cabinets
  • Pontis roller, technical and large containers