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University of Greifswald Library

The architects of the new library building on the University of Greifswald campus designed the facility as a repository for books and knowledge. The 250 work and reading places planned and installed by ASSMANN – with twelve single-person booths and five group booths – offer the students ideal conditions to read, reflect and write.

“The new library is stunning, literally an inviting place for anyone looking to study. The building is a testimony to the excellent co-operation that went into building it. And for this I would like to thank everyone involved!”

Andreas Gohs, Specialist Retailer

Objective and structural challenge

The building needs to create an ideal learning environment for quiet and concentrated work and reading. The plan includes single and group workplaces, as well as separate work zones.


250 work and reading places

Room types

Library, cloakroom


  • Solos bench with rotatable table partitions
  • Allvia