What are your basic design parameters?

In order to create the most solid foundation possible for your design, it is vital to first clarify the space's basic design parameters.

What is the purpose of this new office interior?

The context, purpose and surrounding environment are key to an office interior's design. A new building with no fixed interior floor plan will, of course, offer many more options for room designs than a renovation project.

  • New building
  • Renovation project
  • Extension

How many people will be working in the new offices?

Although the number of employees and available area are not definitive for the shape and style of the new furniture, they are key design parameters without which it is impossible to design a suitable office.

What is the size of the area that is to be furnished?

Successful workspace design is always a matter of balanced proportions - i.e. a matter of achieving a good balance between the area available, number of employees, and type of work.

This is why although big spaces may have huge potential for interior design, they are by no means the only factor that determines the success of workspace design.

Are there any special architectural features that need to be taken into account?

When it comes to workspace design, it certainly makes a difference whether an office is located in a converted industrial building or a purpose-built office complex from the 50s. Every type of architecture has its own appeal and merits that can be used to best effect with careful planning. When dealing with these kinds of features, office interiors are often designed on the basis of a space's structural boundaries.

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"Structural boundaries are often one of the biggest challenges when designing offices. If, for example, the brief is to design an open space office but the space available is quite narrow, it might be necessary to make some compromises that would not ordinarily be considered. This is why the office interior should be planned as early as possible during project planning."

Günter Osterhaus Head of Planning and Project Management