A particularly fascinating new building was constructed for STABILO International to mark the 160th anniversary of the corporate group: the STABILO CUBE. Within this innovative project, ASSMANN drew on the striking interior design to create a coherent workplace layout in close co-operation with specialist retailers and the client.

ASSMANN provided the retail partner ambiente & object with productive support to find the right solution for workplace design that suits our open design concept; it also mastered the project's scheduling and logistical challenges with ease.

A. Henkel, Project Manager, STABILO International GmbH

The STABILO CUBE breaks down the departmental barriers otherwise found in working worlds, and instead trusts in an open, creative team environment – integrated as part of an innovative room design.

Floorspace concept
The concept detailed open office space with twin workplaces, benches for 4 persons and single workplaces for department managers, also conference rooms and a meeting zone. The rooms are structured by free-standing, waist-high cabinets (2-shelf and 3-shelf) and Viteco partition walls as privacy screens between desk group set-ups.

approx. 100 workplaces and several meeting points


  • TriASS desks
  • Canvaro sit / stand desks
  • Viteco partition walls
  • Allvia cabinet system
  • Pontis large containers
  • Meeting points / high tables as an individual solution

Logistical challenge
Only 3 days were available for assembly and installation before the employees moved into the space.