Active on the Russian market since 2010, the workforce of the pharmaceutical company Solopharm has grown rapidly over a short period of time. In order to provide all staff members with functioning workplaces in the existing office building, ASSMANN developed a fit out concept that makes efficient use of the available space. For the team members in the open-plan office area, private and quiet workspaces were created with desktop divider panels and counter elements. Plant arrangements also contribute to a comfortable working atmosphere and chime in perfectly with the system solutions selected by ASSMANN. This design concept was also applied to the meeting rooms: the circular table systems actively promote internal communication and the clamps hidden beneath the tables contribute to effective cable management. In this way, the space that is available is used efficiently and the actual workspace is given both a visual and a functional upgrade.

An efficient interior concept was to be developed for the open-plan office areas and several conference rooms at the St Petersburg office.

The size of Solopharm’s workforce grew dramatically over a short period of time. The existing building therefore needed to be reconfigured to create more workspace.  

Fit out concept

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Solopharm is one of Russia’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Founded in St Petersburg in 2010, its product portfolio includes injection solutions and cosmetic products, for example.