Around 200 scientists have worked here on the development of implants capable of restoring functions to failed organs since the centre was established in 2008. Until now there have been eight facilities, spread across the Hanover region. The new research building now groups the entire expertise at a single location.

An implant research centre has been created here in Hanover that is unique in its sheer scale and focus and that will radiate well beyond the boundaries of Hanover and Lower Saxony.

Dr. Manfred W. Elff, Chairman of the Board at NIFE

Objective and structural challenge
The alliance partners in NIFE use the new building to pool their expertise in a total usable floor area of 7,500 m². The research workstations must be designed to suit constantly changing assignments and staff members. So this required the highest standards of flexibility and office equipment.

approx. 220 workstations

Room types
Individual offices, team offices, group offices


  • Rondana
  • Allvia
  • Pontis

  • Viteco

Wall absorbers