Reliable HR management is an indispensable part of any modern company for organisational, economic, and even legal reasons. This is why more and more companies are choosing to move away from reams of paperwork in favour of digital tools like the HRworks software in a bid to not only simplify the entire Human Resources world but also establish a more standardised system. The program was first developed in 1998 based on an idea coined by IT field sales consultant Thomas Holzer. He originally programmed the browser-based software to try and simplify the way he calculated his travel expenses. Over the years, however, it developed from a mere calculation tool into a fully-fledged HR solution complete with functions for personnel management, time management, and corporate benefits. As the capabilities of the product began to snowball, so too did the company behind it, which is what prompted them to open a new location – on top of Freiburg and Berlin – in Frankfurt am Main in 2018. It originally started out as a rented coworking space, but after a year, they moved into their own premises in the Frankfurt’s central Westend area. “Our coworking space was bursting at the seams and we wanted somewhere with additional space to grow into,” explains Marc Enders, project manager for the Frankfurt site. We currently have five people working here, but we want somewhere with space for at least 20. HRworks currently employs 54 people across Germany, most of whom are based at the headquarters in Freiburg.

Minimum effort, maximum efficiency

The new empire on Barckhausstraße spans around 700 square metres. More than half of the space is taken up by open-plan environments, think tanks for focused workspaces, and meeting rooms. HRworks also offers training courses on how to use its software correctly. The spacious reception and lounge area, which transitions seamlessly into the training rooms, is open to employees and visitors alike. With this in mind, HRworks is keen to invest in a furnishing concept that is not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. The company also places great value on straightforward processes, which is clear to see in everything it does. “We do everything we can to keep our administrative processes as lean as possible,” explains Marc Enders. “After all, this is how we maximise the efficiency of the work we do.” It’s hardly surprising that HRworks would be interested in a no-frills approach to its furnishing concept. Marc Enders and colleagues from the commercial management team have been involved in the planning process for the new spaces on behalf of the company. Together with architecture company Partner AG and specialist office retailer Streit Service & Solution GmbH & Co. KG, a well-conceived interior design has been put together that is both functional and comfortable. It wasn’t long before ASSMANN office furniture systems were mentioned during the planning stage. “We just felt the entire philosophy of the company was perfect for us – the combination of functionality, quality, design and price is what ultimately sealed the deal,” reveals Marc Enders.

Flexibility essential

The open-plan area is characterised by desks from the Canvaro Compact and Sympas ranges. “As our consultants are often on the phone, we were keen to find an acoustically efficient solution without compromising on the openplan concept,” notes Marc Enders. Employees can now take advantage of an ergonomic environment that also makes for a comfortable and pleasant working atmosphere thanks to a combination of electric sit-stand desks from the Canvaro Compact series and Viteco acoustic partition walls. The open-plan space will be able to accommodate 16 employees going forward, with the think tanks offering space for another five. In spite of rising digitalisation, HRworks hasn’t yet done away with print media entirely: a total of eleven storage systems from the Allvia range – all in different designs – offer space for training documents, advertising materials and much more besides. What’s more, the combination of sliding and swing doors found across the various designs creates real diversity in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. As for the meeting rooms, these are home to a Solos high desk and two Pontis bistro tables. These offer ideal ergonomics thanks to the flexible height adjustment options to promote constructive exchange. The opportunities to vary working posture also serve to boost concentration and reduce pressure on the spine. An additional 22 workstations have also been created in the two training rooms. HRworks was looking for a particularly flexible solution for these areas, so the sliding Pontis folding tables were the perfect choice These allow the training areas to be adapted to suit the number of participants. The desks are also equipped with power sockets and USB ports at each workstation along with a handy cable guide to prevent unsightly tangled wires.

Laudable cooperation

The entire process – from the moment the rental agreement was signed to the point of moving into the new space – took around four and a half months. It was during this time that all of the expansion work took place – from the basic shell to laying everything out as requested by HRworks right through to supplying the furniture. Marc Enders was so impressed by the laudable cooperation between everyone involved: “The way everyone came together to help and find solutions was simply exceptional. And that’s even without mentioning the overall delivery of the project, which was executed perfectly.” The HRworks employees based at the Frankfurt site have been up and running in their new facility since August 2019. And whether they’re sitting down or standing up, they are always as comfortable as can be in an environment they all enjoy.


HRworks is looking for an open-plan space for its employees, complete with ergonomically and acoustically optimised office furniture systems. The company also wants comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for its reception and lounge areas.

The facility should be designed to meet the needs of employees and customers alike.

Setting up a new branch

Specialist retail partner:
Streit Service & Solution GmbH & Co. KG

Client details:
The company HRworks along with the software of the same name were established in 1998. The idea originally stemmed from IT consultant Thomas Holzer, who was trying to find a way to simplify the way his travel costs were calculated. Today, HRworks has three branches in Germany, the newest of which can be found in Frankfurt am Main.