Production facilities that extend over 1,113,800 square metres, around 1,700 employees and an annual turnover of around 550 million euros: Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG can look back over an impressively successful company history that spans more than 70 years. The Rödinghausen-based family-owned business not only manufactures kitchens that impress with outstanding quality and attention to detail®– the company also brings eye-catching contemporary design features to the domestic environment. The excellent craftsmanship proved so popular with customers that the company had to rapidly expand its workforce in order to meet the growing demand. However, the kitchen manufacturer’s growing workforce had led to a lack of space. The head office building was soon stretched to its limits, so Häcker decided to rent additional offices in Melle as a temporary measure. However, the company wanted to find a long-term solution, so its management board decided in the autumn of 2016 to construct a new building to create additional space for the workforce. A new extension with an area of over 7,500 square metres was added to the existing head office building. It was completed in June 2018. Besides training rooms and a 1,000 square metre kitchen range showroom, the new building also offers enough space for 300 workstations. Häcker planned with foresight; a third of the desks are not yet occupied. By the end of 2019, they will be used by new team members, who will help the kitchen manufacturer to write the next chapters of its success story with their expertise. To ensure that the new building not only impresses with its streamlined design and the use of numerous glass elements but also offers each individual employee added value, the team offices were to be furnished with functional and ergonomic furniture.

Good work – multiplied by three hundert

The kitchen manufacturer therefore contacted ASSMANN whilst the construction work was still underway. As the fit out of 300 workstations is quite a sizeable project that calls for extensive consultation meetings, services and quality planning, it was decided that the specialist retail partner BPA Büroeinrichtungs GmbH should also be brought on board. The project was managed by Benjamin Kaufmann, area sales manager and quality office specialist consultant, who provided Häcker with expert support during the eighteen-month construction phase. When it came to furnishing the new offices, the most important aspects for Häcker were acoustics solutions and height adjustable sit-stand desks. “For us, it was important that the investment in a building project like this would reap long-term rewards. That is why we selected all furniture systems with the latest standards in mind. We were not only looking for an attractive design but also wanted height adjustable desks that actively contribute to the wellbeing of our employees,” explains Stefan Möller, Managing Director Häcker Kitchen.

Good solutions for team offices

After intense consultations with Benjamin Kaufmann, the company decided for Canvaro Compact sit-stand desks as their height can be adjusted automatically at the touch of a button. Changing from a standing to a sitting working position is therefore incredibly easy and is an effective way of preventing back problems. Cable trunking ensures that power and data cables are kept tidy and do not get in the way when the desk is moved up and down. This also guarantees that all of the cables move up and down together with the desk without any problems. The Canvaro desks offer another advantage: in combination with Viteco desktop screens, they create the necessary peace and quiet in the team offices. “We consciously decided to break with the classic arrangement of two desks opposite each other and to actively promote cooperation by establishing group offices,” explains Jochen Finkemeier, the owner and CEO of Häcker Kitchen. “Each room houses a complete team, including the respective team manager. This brings the team members closer together and encourages them to communicate. Of course, this concept can only work if we also create an environment for our staff that allows them to work in a concentrated way. That is why it was very important to us that all offices were equipped with acoustics solutions that ensure quiet and also look good.” To match the other design elements in the new building, BPA opted for green Viteco elements. Fitted flush with the desktop, the padding inside the screens deadens sounds like people making phone calls or typing on their keyboard, for example. It also provides visual privacy and hides unsightly cable connections.  

Perfect addition

Every workstation is equipped with handleless metal front Pontis mobile pedestals that provide plenty of storage space. They are also white and perfectly match the Canvaro systems. Besides these personal storage systems, all of the offices are also equipped with additional cabinets manufactured by Häcker in the company’s own production facility. “It is always a challenge to combine furniture made by different manufacturers. However, Häcker and ASSMANN cooperated closely on the design of the cabinets that the company produced itself, to ensure that both systems would match each other perfectly,” says Kaufmann, delighted with the overall look. Häcker not only made the cabinets but also manufactured wooden partitions that divide the open-plan offices in an optimum way. “From start to finish, this project was characterised by good teamwork – and the offices certainly reflect this!”  

Realisation according to plan

To ensure that it would be possible to realise this well-balanced overall design exactly as planned, all contractors had to be coordinated closely in the run-up to the move into the new building. The lease on the additional offices in Melle expired just as the last finishing touches were being added to the interior of the new building. “Of course, we did not expect our team members to work on a building site. So in the end, we needed to be able to rely on the promised delivery dates. And everything ran smoothly: ASSMANN delivered on time, and BPA fitted the furniture without any hitches,” Sandra Kempf recalls. As the assistant to the management board, she managed the project after the conceptualisation phase. Shortly after the move into the new premises, the staff already provided some initial feedback: “The response to the sit-stand desks is particularly positive, although everyone also feels that the room acoustics are very comfortable. That was exactly what the management board was aiming for at the planning stage – and thanks to BPA and ASSMANN, we have successfully realised it.”  

The new team offices were to be equipped with acoustics solutions and height adjustable sit-stand desks from ASSMANN, which promote workplace ergonomics.

A tight schedule had to be adhered to as the leases for the additional office spaces rented by Häcker would soon expire.

New building

Specialist retail partner:
BPA Büroeinrichtungs GmbH, Melle, Germany

Client details:
Häcker sells its high quality products internationally via kitchen retailers or dedicated departments in furniture stores. The company relies on the support of around 3,800 specialist retail partners.