For 50 years now, the EDAG Engineering Group AG has been developing pioneering designs and technologies for prestigious worldwide motor vehicle manufacturers. The colleagues moved into new offices at the Győr location in March 2019. All of the 75 workstations are attractive and functionally equipped with identical solutions from the ASSMANN office furniture range. The electrically height-adjustable sitstand desks from the Sympas range enable ergonomic work and guarantee maximum comfort. “We would like to provide our engineers with a pleasant working environment: greater comfort for increased creativity so to speak”, explained Bianca Sauer, HR Manager at EDAG in Győr. While the area is divided up with Viteco system partitions, Pontis mobile pedestals and Allvia sliding door cupboards provide sufficient storage space to give a sense of order to the open-plan office environment. The three small, separate meeting rooms are equipped with Pontis tables with adjustable height and practical rollers that can be flexibly used and arranged. “We have received excellent quality for a reasonable price”, explained Bianca Sauer, who is pleased with the successful cooperation with ASSMANN.

75 identical workstations are to be created across a 600 m2 open-plan office space.

The office furniture should meet the highest standards for an ergonomic work environment.

Furnishing new office space on an entire floor of a newly-constructed building

Specialist retail partner:
Premium Design Kft., Győr (Ungarn)

Client details:
EDAG Hungary Kft. belongs to the EDAG Engineering Group AG, one of the biggest engineering service providers for leading automotive brands. For 50 years now, the company has been developing innovative designs and technologies for the automotive industry.