Asked what the term “coworking space” actually means, CEO Florian Kroll has a catchy comparison up his sleeve: “Coworking is like car sharing – only for workstations. This means that at codeks we share individual desks, offices and event spaces, along with projects, ideas, contacts, knowledge and – for those who feel the urge – even the after-work hours.” codeks rents workstations to start-ups, employees and entire company teams working on their own or on collaborative projects. The company has two locations dedicated to this purpose: the codeks Factory at its central Arrenberg location provides work and event space with industrial charm in a spacious setting, while the new, smaller City Hub – which includes a cosy café – is situated at the heart of the city centre and invites both walk-in customers and “coworkers” to linger.

“We uncovered gorgeous flooring made of high-quality real wooden floorboards beneath layers of carpet while refurbishing the villa. So we immediately realised that we would have to find a harmonious way to combine this antique charm with contemporary office furnishings”, recalls Laura Kroll, responsible for PR & marketing at codeks. “ASSMANN won us over us with the quality and flexibility with which they accommodated our demanding requirements for the modern workspace.” The Workplace Consulting Team at ASSMANN 4ROOMS got together with codeks to share ideas and designs for furnishing City Hub, which ultimately yielded a concept that perfectly reflected what the customer envisaged.  “The way we cooperated with ASSMANN and our specialist dealers at Büro Knipper played an important part in this process and worked perfectly.  They really looked after all of our needs from day one”, says a visibly satisfied Florian Kroll.


Spread over 600 square metres and three floors, the coworking space offers all kinds of workspace options. There’s a small café next to the reception on the ground floor, where comfy Consento Trieste visitor chairs are combined with antique armchairs. The “Fireplace Room” is the real highlight, where Viennese café style with delightful ceiling paintings and elaborately laid parquet floors blend with a modern and comfortable ASSMANN working environment in muted white and fresh red. Equipped with folding Pontis seminar tables on castors and stackable Consento Roma chairs, the space comes with optional partitions to install individual workstations or to quickly convert into a conference room.

Unlike on the lower floors, the attic walls are stripped to the bare masonry and timber framing, emphasising the particular charm of this old building. With its open-plan concept and separate kitchen, this floor is suitable for individuals and also for larger corporate teams. Height-adjustable Easy desks with colourful Streamo office swivel chairs ensure excellent workplace ergonomics. Consento Terni bar stools provide an ideal setting for creative brainstorming, whether standing up or sitting down. Meanwhile, the cosy Consento Sanremo sofa creates a relaxing and comfortable place for quieter moments.

“We felt perfectly looked after from day one and will be delighted to draw on ASSMANN’s advice and expertise for future locations.”

Florian Kroll, CEO at codeks


The City Hub has up to 70 workplaces in total – depending on how the space is used. “We welcome new and different faces every day. Sometimes we rent our space to individuals and other times to whole teams. There might be a speed chess tournament at lunchtime, followed by another meeting or workshop”, says Laura to describe the varied daily routine.  “It’s another reason why we value the flexibility of ASSMANN solutions, as all rooms can be converted at short notice to meet the specific needs of our customers.” The project can be chalked up as a complete success, as visitors and customers all appreciate the varied options for working in this special blend of historical flair and modern professional ambience. “We can now proudly say that working at our company is even more of an experience thanks to the collaboration with Büro Knipper and ASSMANN. The Hub is now a fantastic addition to the Factory!”, says Florian Kroll. “We plan to open more coworking locations going forward and will be delighted to turn once again to ASSMANN for advice and expertise.”