Now the hub of company operations, plans for a new administrative building at the Heitzmann bakery and café began in 2011. Naturally, they included state-of-the art hygiene and refrigeration technology, thermal recovery for heating and production facilities, along with photovoltaic systems. But there is lots going on in administration as well: it moved into the new premises at the production site in September 2019 and has since enjoyed modern ergonomic standards and an up-to-date look. The company started with a modest size over 50 years ago. Opened in Ehrenkirchen, Baden-Württemberg in 1971, Sonja and Erwin Heitzmann's bakery soon earned a reputation as a traditional craft business offering excellent quality. The bakery moved to the neighbouring town of Bad Krozingen-Biengen in 1975, where it has been based ever since. Now the company network boasts more than 110 outlets and almost 900 employees. A significant number of them work in sales in the branches. The bakery is therefore built for success. This applies to transport as well: with its own fleet of vehicles to undertake the morning deliveries of freshly baked goods to the branches, Heitzmann is a league above many other large bakeries.



It takes two days to refurnish the offices. During the process, almost 40 workplaces in twelve rooms and four cubes are transformed into modern working worlds. A seminar room for meetings and Heitzmann’s in-house academy for internal training is also included to ensure the company staff want for nothing. The recommendation to use practical solutions from ASSMANN comes from Streit Service & Solution, a specialist retail firm in nearby Freiburg and long-standing partner to Heitzmann. A first tour of the innovative working worlds at the ASSMANN showroom in Stuttgart proves persuasive, prompting a quick decision to use products by the family-owned business from Melle.

“Aside from the look and quality of the furnishing solutions, we ere determined to use a provider from Germany”, reports Christian Baier, the bakery’s Chief Commercial Officer. “This gives us the certainty that all products meet current standards and that we have someone on hand to contact directly if questions arise.”

The new workplaces in administration must fulfil many requirements, even at first glance. After all, Heitzmann is determined to install furnishing solutions that promise an ergonomic working environment and good acoustics to promote concentration, along with an attractive look and practical features. ASSMANN responds by creating a highly focused work setting with desks from the Canvaro Compact range, combined with the sound-absorbing Viteco partition wall system. From file folders to personal items, the spacious Allvia and Cubas storage solutions come with sufficient space to accommodate everything an employee might need during a working day. It will therefore be easy to keep desks & co. neat and tidy going forward. Attractive and modern colour coding in white, fjord green and oak tobacco add a contemporary touch to any workspace.

The whole ensemble is beautifully matched. So we can easily imagine sourcing products from ASSMANN or future projects as well.

Christian Baier, Chief Commercial Officer at the Heitzmann bakery.


Seating elements and noise-reducing meeting boxes from the Syneo Soft series add colour to everyday working life, combining a modern look with inviting comfort. Contemporary and cosy colour palettes with cool shades and rustic wooden surfaces are the defining features of these rooms as well. Orders are ultimately handled by the partner Streit. Looking back, Christian Baier from Heitzmann sees the collaboration with Streit and ASSMANN as thoroughly positive: “Everything went smoothly, just like our earlier projects. And that is why we trust our specialist retail partner.” Christian Baier is also eager to confirm that the employees in administration share this positive experience in the new work areas: “They feel very much at home here and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at work.”