An 8,000-square-metre logistics centre, featuring 800-square-metre offices, was built in a new Wittlich business park in 2018. The centre was constructed in a possibly recordbreaking time of just seven months. Employees at the garden and outdoor product wholesaler had a good reason to be happy: Their request for ergonomic workstations was not only heard but put into action. The company came across ASSMANN when looking for the right office furniture systems.

“The electrically adjustable desks, the design and quality – ASSMANN had all of our needs covered,” says Christoph Schmitz enthusiastically. Schmitz and his business partner didn’t need any time to think about it: The new offices were to be fitted with furniture manufactured in the Osnabrück area. ASSMANN then put the company in touch with specialist partner “umgesetzt – geplante arbeitswelten GmbH” from Trier. There was one thing during the collaboration that the Wittlich-based outdoor and garden experts really loved: Using a 3D model and a VR headset, the two managing directors could take a virtual tour of the office complete with the furnishings before any work had even taken place. In reality, the offices were still completely empty. “That allowed us to get an idea of what to expect in advance if we were to approve the proposed design,” recalls Christian Maas. And because they liked what they saw, they approved the plans. “There was just one quote and one order, which is rare for a project of this size,” says the young entrepreneur, acknowledging how well the move went.

Fresh an bright furniture from Melle

The concept used light-coloured furnishings to create a pleasant atmosphere, instantly winning over the project managers as soon as they saw it. All offices come with white lockable Allvia cabinets, featuring rounded tabletops with black laser-cut trims in a melamine-slate style. There’s also space for a printer or to store files on top depending on what is needed. Every employee has their own open space container on wheels, ensuring stationery such as staplers or hole punches are always in reach and personal belongings are neatly stowed away.

There are slightly smaller versions for the three trainees currently working at 50NRTH, but their more compact size doesn’t stop them from providing ample storage space. Both of these storage systems are in the Pontis range and come in white like the Allvia cabinets. Carpeted floors and light-grey partition walls dampen the room acoustics. All offices come furnished with white Canvaro desks featuring electric height adjustment.

The new office furnishings were a worthwhile investment, demonstrating the benefit of listening to employee requests: Many of them regularly use the handy adjustable height function to work standing up, relieving the strain on their backs. Ergonomic workstations aren’t the only helpful way for the company to keep their employees healthy, There’s also a gym with state-of-the-art equipment on the ground floor that staff are free to use.

Collaborating with ASSMANN and specialist partner “umgesetzt” was a great success. They just have perfect chemistry.

Christoph Schmitz, Managing Director of 50NRTH GmbH

Successful incentives

With an average age of 34 between them, the 33-person 50NRTH team is very young, meaning most of the employees belong to a generation that expects a lot from its employers. In addition to flexitime, for example, employees also want little extras as part of daily office life. The Wittlich-based company seems to be doing a good job of fulfilling these requirements, as the office mood is relaxed and employees get along swimmingly.

And it’s not hard to see why – 50NRTH has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to how the communal areas have been designed: There’s an open lounge on the first floor with kitchen facilities, fruit bowl and bean-to-cup coffee machine, and the employees can help themselves to it all whenever they like free of charge. Christoph Schmitz and Christian Maas looked to ASSMANN once more to furnish this space: Two elegant Solos high desks make staying for longer all too tempting. 

For example, the desks are perfect for taking short breaks or holding creative meetings, whether standing up or sitting on the height-appropriate seating. A separate room is available on the ground floor for lunch breaks and is also furnished with Solos high desks as well as stylish Pontis tables.

Ready for growth

The fact that 50NRTH had to relocate to bigger premises last year because of space constraints shows that they were successfully managing to retain staff. Equally successful was the furnishing design for the new premises. They weren’t just spacious enough to cope with more growth as expected, but they were also furnished with practical and attractive furniture from Melle that the employees loved.

A Solos high desk was also placed in the reception area, giving new employees a good impression of the company as soon as they enter the building. “We would happily use ASSMANN again for any other projects,” assures Christoph Schmitz. “We’ve actually already placed another order.” ASSMANN and 50NRTH – perfect partners.

The rooms were to be furnished with ergonomic workstations to support employee well-being.

The four-person offices were be furnished with systems that are were practical and attractive.

Furnishing 800-square-metre office spaces in a newly built logistics centre

Specialist retail partner:
umgesetzt – geplante arbeitswelten GmbH, Trier

Client details:
50NRTH GmbH represents big-name brands of innovative outdoor and garden products, such as sheds and gazebos, in Germany and Austria. The company also operates its own online shop.