The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this transformation in office environments and, within a very short time, employees have had to exchange their office workplace with their own homes. While previously the prevailing opinion in most companies was that “working from home won’t work or would be really difficult to set up”, now everyone agrees that “working from home works after all!”

With new and better technologies, considerably more workplaces will in future be independent of any fixed location. One of the results of this development is that a mixture of temporary work in the home office and at the workplace in the company will become one of the work models of the future. Managers have great responsibility in this regard. As management in future means more leadership from a distance, fewer checks yet greater responsibility for the employees, with clear guidelines, firmly set time management and objectives for each task.

Beyond that, companies have the challenge to actively create an ideal work environment, tailor-made for the tasks and needs in hand, using modern and individually customised spatial concepts. That is why there will be a steady increase in digital solutions. With smart office workplace settings, configurations tailored to personal needs will always be available in spite of any desk-sharing and reduced time spent in the office.

For us, people are at the centre of product development, conceptional consultation and planning, as every person is different – and every person has their own wishes, ideas, demands and objectives.

And that is what we cater for – with furnishing solutions and ideas that make unmistakable and individual solutions for everyday office life feasible and affordable.