Our world of work is in a state of radical change. As today we work more flexibly, more independently and with better networks. This development thrives on innovative solutions that reflect the spirit of our age. 

So companies have the challenge to actively create an ideal work environment, tailor-made for the tasks and needs in hand, using modern and individually customised spatial concepts. As the feel-good factor at work still has a large influence on employees’ performance and company loyalty, the work environments are to be designed in such a way that they meet the individual demands of each employee as well as inviting them to feel at ease. It is important to create areas that allow people to concentrate on their own individual work as well as enabling an inspiring exchange of ideas. 

As 90% of creative ideas do not develop in workplaces, but instead in collaborative locations, areas and meeting points are needed where exchanges of views and personal communication can take place in a relaxed atmosphere. 
Ergonomic aspects such as good room acoustics need to be taken into account here, so that people can concentrate on their work in the designated areas without being disturbed. 

We at ASSMANN are aware of this challenge and have solutions ready, that make it quick and easy to make the implementation of these measures possible – with meeting points, for example, and lounge furniture systems for discussion and teamwork, but also with places to withdraw, where people can concentrate on their work without any disturbance and flexible office workplaces – in a mixture of open spaces and multi-purpose ones.

Our forward-looking range of services

There is no universal formula for the offices of tomorrow. Office areas will always have to be individually designed around the company and the people who work there, not the other way round. What’s important is to design the office environment space precisely around the demands of tomorrow.  

So analysing how “tomorrow’s work” will work is increasingly gaining in relevance.

With ASSMANN 4ROOMS , as well as our extensive furnishing solutions and systems, we hold all the “Assmann Aces” in our hand – Workplace, Creation, Product and Support – for the consultation, design and implementation of modern work environments. This provides a fully comprehensive product and service package that meets all requirements. 

In order to do justice to our clients’ individual wishes and requirements for work environments that are fit for the future, a comprehensive initial consultation meeting and a precise needs analysis always come first. 

The initial focus is on aspects including analysis of the company values, the customer’s employees individual requirements along with the structure of the teams and the work processes. So, together with the contracting company, focal points are defined, goals are set and individual solutions are developed to create genuine added value. 

Following the results of this consultation process, the next stage is the planning. In this process, ideas are clarified, colours and materials are selected and office areas are designed to meet all individual requirements. 

As part of the planning process, care should be taken that the workplace, be it at home or in the office, provides plenty of comfort and the right equipment and furnishing for each particular type of work. This is the only way to inspire employees’ long-term loyalty to the company and also attract the right talent. 

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies can be used to give customers a true-to-life view and experience of the new rooms before the work areas are realised and fitted out. This already enables detailed insights into the New Work environments before the implementation and furnishing takes place. That creates certainty when making decisions. 

Our extensive offer is rounded off with services such as rental, Leasing and disposal systems for old furniture. With ASSMANN 4ROOMS you get reliable support, before, during and after the joint project.