Furnishing an office? Well-thought-out from the very beginning!

At last we have the planning for our office building! What is a great moment for the building contractor, is something that brings many challenges for the office outfitter. This is because he is usually called in just a few months before construction begins, when the floor plans for the offices are already fixed. Questions such as how the office areas should be used, or how many workplaces are to be found in which areas, are usually not considered before the office is furnished. It simply doesn’t occur to anyone that a modern work environment requires special floor plans that allows for greater room depth. The focus is often not on dialogue and communication when designing many buildings.

“The office outfitter then has to manage with the given floor plans and fulfil all the statutory regulations at the same time,” said Günter Osterhaus, the office consultant, speaking from his own experience. “That’s a shame, as there often may have been far better solutions for the employees – the most important asset a company has – to have the best conditions for doing their work.”

First plan the office furnishing, then implement it

“People who first carry out a needs analysis are more likely to know what the employees need and better able to create office space that meets the requirements,” is Günter Osterhaus’s advice. Important factors for the office furnishing can be taken into account here, including that it is less important now for people to have their own desk, for example. Personal offices are becoming less and less important. Desk sharing on the other hand, where employees can choose between various workplaces every day, is gaining in significance. Important utensils that are needed on a day-to-day basis can be stored in a mobile rolling container unit that the employees simply take with them to the relevant workplace.

The Quality Office Consultant for holistic office furnishing

An office outfitter’s profession is no longer limited to the procurement of office furniture today.

Architects and customers now want wholly integrated office concepts and solutions.

The subject of office furnishing is so diverse that ASSMANN has even been offering an additional apprenticeship to become a “Quality Office Consultant” for several years now. This is a training that goes beyond a regular course in architecture or interior design and forms the best foundations for the forward-thinking planning of office interiors.

Of course you get direct advisory and planning services from us. From a definition of your targets and a characterisation of your company culture and the office planning that reflects this, right through to the finished design – we offer more than just office space planning with our closely-knit network of reliable partners and with ASSMANN 4ROOMS .