ASSMANN 4ROOMS: A range of services covering an extensive consultation process and the design, furnishing and realisation of modern working environments.

With our experts in workplace consulting, we at ASSMANN 4ROOMS respond to the needs of our specialist retail partners and customers not only by providing extensive furnishing solutions and systems, but also by offering an excellent range of services, covering an extensive consultation process and the design, furnishing and realisation of modern working environments.

As we want to understand customer requirements and satisfy any individual preferences, a detailed needs analysis and an extensive consultation process always comes first with us.

The initial focus is on aspects including analysis of the company values, the individual requirements of the customer’s employees along with the structure of the teams and the work processes. Together with our customers, top priorities are worked out, targets are set and an overall concept is developed that is transformed by us into a specific office space plan. By working from an identifiable corporate design and the planning of functional areas right through to the room acoustics and lighting, we will find a suitable spatial structure and office furnishing plan that can be realised with a coherent selection of colours and materials to create an ideal, integrated overall design concept.

Clever digital office work systems: ASSMANN SMART OFFICE

Comprehensive solutions for modern work environments also include rethinking the design of shared office areas. With new and smarter technologies, considerably more workplaces will in future be independent of the office location. Clever, smart office technologies make working from home just as easy as when out and about in a coworking space or in an open-plan office with desk sharing arrangements.

There is a requirement for new uses and solutions, particularly in office areas that already exist.

The headquarters gain in importance as a place to display, to meet people and to inspire, while at the same time fewer workplaces need to be available where individuals can concentrate on their work. Open-plan office concepts, comprising communication areas and quiet zones with multiple-use spaces for project groups and meetings, will more often in future be replacing “traditional” cell-based office solutions with conventional desk-based workstations.

Today already, office workplaces and lockers can easily be booked on the move by smartphone or tablet using the ASSMANN SMART booking software. These smart office solutions can then be supplemented on site with displays showing an overview of the current booking arrangements.

Smart operation enables individual workplaces

The smart option is to use software solutions to address the issue of individualisation, where employees can access office workplaces that are always custom-configured to their own requirements, in spite of desk sharing and reduced presence times in the office. At the same time, a smart office environment can plan the composition of teams more intelligently in advance, allocate workplaces and, this way, ensure the best possible conditions that may change from day to day. A light, for example, can be set up individually to have a personalised, programmable comfort brightness alongside its standard settings. In the same way, an electrically height-adjustable desk with a memory function can be set up to the individual daytime working height for each employee – providing maximum flexibility with the greatest possible individuality. This way everything is implemented smartly and automatically to keep setup times as short as possible before starting work.

Open-plan solutions with room-within-room systems for undisturbed work

At the same time, modern approaches to work that focus – also digitally – on work-life balance and communication demand structures where they will work. As well as places where people can concentrate on their work and work on their projects, they also include areas for recreation and personal communication, such as lounges, bistros or office kitchens and relaxation areas.

At the same time, telephone calls or video calls can take place – without being disturbed – in open-plan spaces with the closed room-within-room systems from the Syneo Lounge furniture range .

Comprehensive consultation and planning services

As there is no generally applicable patent recipe for tomorrow’s world of work, any concepts for the use of space should always be designed for that company and the people who work there. What’s important is to design the office environment precisely around the demands of tomorrow. That is why people are at the centre of what we do at ASSMANN. This applies to product development, conceptional consultation and planning of working environments, as each person is different and has their own wishes and ideas. And that is what we cater for – with furnishing solutions and ideas that offer unmistakable and individual solutions for everyday office life. Of course we also give advice on financing issues and offer furniture leasing and rental systems.