In 1968, chartered engineer Jürgen Kögel became self-employed and started up a business in Bad Oeynhausen, East Westphalia – KÖGEL Bau. What began as a small road construction and masonry firm has rapidly developed and is constantly expanding. Nowadays this family firm, under its second generation of managers, employs around 270 staff and oversees building projects from planning to completion right across Germany. Whether it’s construction above or below ground, building renovation or civil engineering – thanks to technological advances and innovative solutions, the firm is a reliable partner even in complex projects.


True to its company motto, ‘United – Secure – Strong’, Bau GmbH & Co. KG remains on course for success and is constantly showing growth. Looking ahead, therefore, the company management made the decision to create a new building, in order to provide sufficient space for its constantly expanding team in future as well. As a result, the new office space for administration will extend over three floors. Managing Directors Frank and Peter Kögel – the founder’s sons – know that spacious rooms alone aren’t all that will be required for the future work in the new building. A suitable spatial concept, plus provision of modern office furnishing systems for a total of 65 workstations, are also needed. Their wish was for an open-plan solution with functional furnishings that are at the same time visually appealing. Moreover, they wanted the optics of the setup to reflect the company philosophy. This demanded a partner with years of experience and expertise in furnishing solutions. The choice soon fell on BPA Büroeinrichtungs GmbH, who set up the contact with ASSMANN. ‘For time immemorial, the company and its products have stood for “good work” – and it’s precisely this which matches our own mentality. Because it’s our firm belief that the best staff need the best working conditions,’ stresses Sebastian Kögel, Project Manager and son of Managing Director Frank Kögel. Additionally, geographical proximity to the nearby office furniture experts from Melle is an advantage, since a project of this scale demands close cooperation and a smooth workflow.


The specialist trade partner BPA Büroeinrichtungs-GmbH is not just responsible for developing a custom open-plan solution, but also for the tailor-made needs analysis required for the necessary office furnishing systems. Following intensive talks and individual consultations, it’s clear that an ergonomic design of both group and individual workstations is required to enable staff to work both sitting and standing – an investment in the health of the workforce’s backs. The choice has therefore been made for the electrically powered, height-adjustable desks of the Canvaro Compact series. These will additionally be fitted with sound-absorbing Viteco partition walls, in order to improve room acoustics. To provide the necessary storage space for document files and the like, spacious Allvia filing cabinets will be added to the office equipment. XXL Open Space Containers provide additional storage options and, furthermore, give structure to the open-plan concept. The comfortable, inviting products of the Syneo Line Lounge series not only blend perfectly with this concept on a visual level, but also create cosy, tranquil retreats for creative exchanges or concentrated work. After the spatial concept has been implemented and suitable office furniture systems have been assembled as needed, work begins on setting up the new offices. To this end, BPA is developing a detailed workflow plan so that everything runs smoothly – from loading up the products at ASSMANN and transporting them to the new building to constructing the office furnishing systems.

The modern, high-quality furniture from ASSMANN fits perfectly into our new office world.

Sebastian Kögel, Project manager KÖGEL Bau


Everything meshes together perfectly so that all three floors can be completely furnished within a week and the occupants can move into the new building on schedule. Sebastian Kögel sums it all up as follows: ‘The result: everything went very well, and the results have convinced not only our management but – most importantly – our staff as well.’