How a single furniture system keeps creating new spaces for inspiring work

So how can employers create a working environment that meets the rising expectations of skilled workers? First of all, it is not enough to simply modernise the appearance of the workplace. If you want to impress in the long term, you have to think multifunctionally when planning office space. Since working from home or remotely has become part of the standard repertoire of successful job advertisements, fewer individual workstations usually need to be provided in-house, but the available office space must now be usable for a wide variety of work forms. Our new multifunctional Cubas Flex furniture system provides the solution.

In the group of 25 to 34-year-olds, 19.5 per cent have not accepted a job because of poor office design, and 15 per cent of 35 to 44-year-olds. In addition, almost 12 per cent of respondents aged between 25 and 34 have already resigned because of this.

Study by coworking provider Mindspace in cooperation with market research company OnePoll; source: Wirtschaftswoche

Maximum flexibility with Cubas Flex

Brainstorming in individual teams is followed by the concentrated development of the presentation, which is then presented to the customer in a large group: Three project steps for which a wide variety of furnishing settings and furniture are required. And all three can be easily realised as required with Cubas Flex, as the individual multifunctional modules in the product series can be configured individually and can be used as shelving, workstations, seating, stands, coffee points or all in one. Thanks to the standardised system, even existing Cubas storage elements can be effortlessly converted into stand and table elements in combination with the Cubas Flex series in order to meet the constantly growing and rapidly changing requirements of modern working environments.

Employers need to recognise how important a beautiful and modern office is for the working environment, productivity and employee retention. Especially with millennials playing a crucial role in the skills shortage and the 'war of talent', employers need to place more emphasis on an aesthetically pleasing office and a collaborative working environment.

Bastian Bauer, General Manager Germany at Mindspace. Source: T3N

One element = many pieces of furniture

From shelving to push-to-open cabinets, square or rectangular modules, a variety of colours and materials offer a wide range of configuration and application options. Thanks to the patented fitting system, the furniture can be rearranged in no time at all without tools and can be combined in numerous ways. For unlimited flexibility, the Cubas Flex range can also be fitted with castors so that the furniture can be moved around the room. Cubas Flex can therefore be used in a wide variety of working environments, whether in the office, at events or in prestigious reception areas in companies. The furniture is equally at home in waiting areas or in casual work cafés.

  • Representative reception area
  • Lectern / lectern
  • Tribune
  • Seating element
  • Coffee point / work café / lounge corner
  • Temporary workstation
  • Additional storage space, storage, locker

Attractive office

The collaborative working atmosphere is more important than newbies to New Work might realise. To prevent teams from falling apart and employees working from home from losing their connection to the corporate culture, the office must offer clear advantages over the home office and develop great appeal. This raises the question of what constitutes this appeal and how it can be created.

0 visit the office at headquarters to maintain personal contact with colleagues and superiors.
0 seek professional dialogue.
0 would like to take part in workshops or teamwork.
Source: forsa survey commissioned by the Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt e. V.

Workplace meeting point

The office should be a place for personal encounters, creative, collaborative exchange and shared learning and offer everything that the workplace at home lacks. Purely functional workplaces are out; community management is the new motto to promote feedback, identification and appreciation. This promotes team loyalty.

A nice kitchenette is now part of the minimum equipment. It is no longer just for a quick break, but should also be a work café where you can socialise with colleagues - all in a very inviting atmosphere. Here too, Cubas Flex offers a variety of options without necessarily having to specify a permanent furniture arrangement. So whether as seating, a coffee point or a lounge corner - Cubas Flex always looks good.

3 questions for Daniel Kahnwald, Product Manager of Cubas Flex

As an office furniture manufacturer, how can you help employers to retain employees?

Kahnwald: Our vision has always been to create contemporary and inspiring places where people enjoy working and coming together. This hasn't just been true since the shortage of skilled labour. That's why we focus equally on the needs of employees and the interests of employers. In times of the flexible office, furnishing solutions that can be quickly adapted to a wide range of utilisation requirements are in demand. What was once an individual workstation can be transformed into a conference environment or an inviting place for team meetings in the blink of an eye. Perfect space management to suit individual needs.


What can Cubas Flex contribute to this? 

Kahnwald: With the entire Cubas product family, we have created a system that is highly customisable with minimal effort. Employees can turn a shelf into a workstation, convert the storage compartment into a stand or a seat in just a few simple steps. This enables employers to save space that is reserved for one purpose only with heavy furniture and, in the worst-case scenario, remains empty most of the time. In addition, such a dynamically designed working environment promotes concentration and creativity among employees and provides a favourable basis for working productively and developing new ideas.


Is flexible office furniture a concession to sustainability?

The entire Cubas product family is a great example of our endeavours to incorporate sustainability into our products. This is a challenge, as the demands on the product have increased once again. The existing Cubas storage and shelving elements can easily be expanded into the Cubas Flex series with just a few new components. Thanks to the flexible application and combination options as well as the simple assembly, the reuse of existing individual parts has already been optimally taken into account in the concept.

Be your own boss for a change

Self-determination and co-determination are factors that are at the top of GenZ's professional wish list. Cubas Flex also meets this need, as the elements can be quickly converted into a personalised workstation of choice - thanks to the simple, tool-free assembly made possible by the proprietary and patented Cubas fitting system. The movable modules can be rotated 360 degrees by hand and can therefore be flexibly adapted to changing requirements at any time. When it comes to workplace design, employees become their own boss.

NEW WORK is not only important for modern start-ups in metropolises

The trend for working hours to be as varied and flexible as possible doesn't just apply to hip start-ups in Berlin Kreuzberg. Large corporations not only give their employees the flexibility to switch between the head office and home office as the mood takes them, but also offer the option of organising brainstorming sessions with colleagues in agile project rooms or setting up a workshop on the fly. Today, this is also important for small companies. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the best flexible solution to suit your corporate culture. As an employer, you too can score points with flexible, dynamic working environments in which employees and applicants immediately feel completely at ease.

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