Social responsibility

Change can only succeed with the participation of everyone involved.

We perceive our company to be a responsible member of society, and we contribute actively as an employer, a tax payer and through our corporate citizenship activities. We encourage our employees to do their best for the company, society and the environment every day.

ASSMANN supports non-profit associations, communities and research institutions with financial and material donations. The focus of these grants is on the Melle region. For example, donations are regularly made to drug counselling at the primary school in Westerhausen, TSV Westerhausen sports club and the church community in Oldendorf.

Supraregionally, we are committed to the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund – a German child welfare association – and the Förderkreis Fußball (football sponsors’ association). We provided office furniture to the Energy Efficiency Center of the Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research in Würzburg (ZAE Bayern). The ZAE uses new, innovative and efficient materials, systems and technologies to demonstrate and verify their applicability.

The ASSMANN factory football team is a welcome and successful participant in numerous local and national tournaments. In addition, our employees also take part in events organised by our retail partners. Be it “Chair Hockey” at BKE Fislage or the “Münzlauf” sponsored run at MEGA in Neuwied: ASSMANN’s teams demonstrate sportsmanship, warm-heartedness and a great sense of humour. Any winnings are always donated to charitable causes.