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PEFC certified

Seal confirms ASSMANN'S sustainable use of natural resources

The forest is an important reservoir of CO2. In the absence of large forest areas, the lack of trees means that there is no potential for carbon dioxide absorption and thus carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, which in turn has a negative impact on climate change. “Deforestation” has long been a much debated topic: in society, in politics but also in business. Wood as a resource is the main raw material used at ASSMANN. This is why the company bears the responsibility for the fact that this is handled in a sustainable manner – within our own production, but also with our suppliers. To prove this, ASSMANN has now added the PEFC certificate to its list of certifications following the extensive quality and environmental certifications previously attained: Confirmation that the minimum standards as defined by the PEFC with regards to forest management and the wood processing industry are reliably met in the supply chain. Since: "Only those who are able to consistently demonstrate that the processed raw materials come from naturally sustained forests are awarded the PEFC seal".

The regular publication of a detailed sustainability report demonstrates that the subject of sustainability is a high priority at ASSMANN. As a manufacturer of office furniture, the company is very conscious to ensure that valuable resources are conserved when using materials. With respect to products made of wood, the PEFC certificate confirms the sustainability of the processes even further – in addition to the product-related certificates (GS Mark, Quality Office, Blue Angel) as well as the management certificates (ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 & EMAS Environmental Management).