Figures & facts

Investments in the future and the Melle location

One of the most important components for the company’s success is the strategy that every investment is consistently geared towards continuously and sustainably expanding our strengths. Today, these strengths lie in the fact that we are in a position to react very flexibly to the requirements of the markets and our customers. Our office furniture production is the foundation for this: one of the most modern in Europe. We produce 2,500 furniture parts every day. Our largest market is Germany; the export rate remains constant at ten per cent. ASSMANN is synonymous with high-quality office furniture in 30 European countries.


82 years of company history

An infinite number of furniture configurations


5 million Euro for investment projects until 2020


118 million Euro revenue in 2020


2,500 pieces of furniture produced per day


400 employees


1 production facility


71 percent equity ratio