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Workshop on leadership principles at ASSMANN

‘With TOP JOB, we were once again able to confirm that we are doing very well where “feel-good factor” is concerned,’ says Alexander Neudorf, summarising the results of the employee survey. ‘At the same time, however, the results also identified potential for improvement in various areas which we now intend to work on step by step.’

After holding multiple events to present the TOP JOB results, ASSMANN went to work implementing the defined measures on 24 March. Before that, each department had elected a departmental speaker who would take part in the workshop with the purpose of compiling leadership principles. In order to represent the perspectives of the entire company, one speaker from each administrative, sales, and production department was present. 

Reaching the goal faster with shared expectations

The theme of the workshop was ‘Leadership & Communication’, and the goal was to work out holistic leadership principles. To prepare for the workshop, members of the executive board also took part in such a workshop. After a short round of introductions, the expectations of the participants were worked out. Everyone agreed that the focus should once again be more on promoting the feeling of unity and a warm atmosphere. Subsequently, the term ‘leadership’ was defined collectively in small groups, and the results summarised in the overall group. Particularly prominent here were terms such as kindness, competency, and motivation, with the following result: In this regard, the opinions corresponded with those of the executive board in almost all areas. The concept of ‘Leadership 4.0’ (Wikipedia etc.), is also based on the same basic principles. 

During the reflection phase at the conclusion of the workshop, positive feedback was received from all participants. In particular, the inter-departmental discussion was highly welcome, and a firm foundation was laid for expanding on the feeling of unity!