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Our leadership principles: 5 points for successful collaboration

Findings of the TOP JOB staff survey: Executives, department representatives and the works council draft leadership principles.

Five leadership principles were defined in the workshops held with all ASSMANN executives, department representatives and the works council in response to the findings of the TOP JOB staff survey. As a symbolic gesture, all of the participants personally signed the newly approved ASSMANN leadership principles, which have been posted at prominent, highly visible locations throughout the company since the start of the year.

The five leadership principles are intended to provide personal support and guidance in everyday leadership, and in doing so to control and foster successful collaboration and communication between all levels of the ASSMANN organisation.

All employees and executives are called upon, in the interests of the entire workforce and the company as a whole, to implement these principles and to consider them in everyday dealings with others, thus nurturing an atmosphere of successful and satisfied work at ASSMANN.

1. Be a role model: “Lead by example.”

  • As executives, we act in a targeted, consistent manner and show the courage to
  • make decisions.
  • We promote open and visionary thinking among executives in order to develop viable strategies
  • for the future of our company.
  • We define clear and concise targets for all levels of the company.
  • Leading by example and remaining personable – an aspiration not just for executives.
  • We reflect on our actions and decisions every day.

2. Promote and challenge: “Believe in your employees more than they believe in themselves, but keep an eye on their limits.”

  • We give our staff sufficient leeway to take the initiative.
  • We intervene where necessary and discuss how to get our shared journey back on track.
  • We promote the technical and personal development of all our staff.

3. Be personable: “Take an interest in each employee and their personal situation.”

  • We deeply appreciate each and every employee.
  • We show concern for the worries and problems of our staff.
  • We invest trust.
  • We listen and take time to understand.

4. Offer security, take away fears: “Make the employees feel safe and offer the necessary backing.”

  • We give our employees the security they need by watching their backs, tolerating their mistakes, speaking the truth and by providing constructive criticism on an professional level.
  • Not only do we acknowledge the performance of our employees, we praise them individually. We explain what the praise means.
  • Predictability, fairness in our interactions and a clear appreciation of what is feasible are the cornerstones of ASSMANN’s corporate culture.

5. An open culture of constructive communication and debate: “Communication is the best way to express direct appreciation.”

  • We foster open dialogue on all levels of the company.
  • We always face up to constructive criticism.
  • We hold annual one-on-one meetings to provide our employees with regular feedback on their performance.
  • We prefer a direct style of communication – within the company and also with our customers, suppliers and direct contacts.