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'Good work.'

TOP JOB distinguishes ASSMANN as a 'Top' employer among Germany's medium-sized companies

Personnel managers know the pressures of finding good employees for their companies all too well. Whether it is due to the lack of skilled personnel, doing without well-trained staff, or the 'war for talents'
, which shows how difficult it is to get young employees enthusiastic about their own companies: 'There has long since been demand on employers to create optimal conditions to both convince potential employees of the company, as well as provide their own employees an attractive place to work,' says Alexander Neudorf, personnel manager at ASSMANN. We have already been able to record some successes over the past two years thanks to the principle of 'value creation through appreciation'. Among other aspects, this includes: extensive annual staff appraisals, the restructuring of recreation areas, in which we have installed table football, lounge furniture and table tennis as well as meeting points in the production area. We also want to make it possible for our employees to experience new working environments by constructing a new administrative building.' ASSMANN offers its employees the opportunity of working from home thanks to flexible working time models and offers many other additional benefits.

'In order to obtain the open and honest opinion of all our colleagues regarding their personal working situation, we commissioned zeag GmbH (Centre for Employer’s Attractiveness), who have created an independent employer comparison with the TOP JOB project, with a comprehensive employee survey.' reports Alexander Neudorf. The scientific management and evaluation of the results were entrusted to the hands of Prof. Heike Bruch and her team at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen. The mentor of the project is the Federal Minister of Economics, Wolfgang Clement. 'Each of the 325 employees had the opportunity to anonymously convey their working situation as part of the extensive survey.' 'We were enthusiastic about the high level of participation from all sectors of the business.' reports Dirk Assmann, Managing Partner at ASSMANN.

All companies with between 20 and 4,000 employees can apply as a TOP JOB employer. Several hundred medium-sized companies have applied for the latest 'TOP JOB' round. 80% of the companies can now carry the seal for the next two years. Alexander Neudorf and Dirk Assmann are proud of the result: 'We were granted the Top Job seal by Mr Wolfgang Clement on 17 February this year. This distinguishes us as one of the best employers in the medium-sized business sector and demonstrates, that we are well on track in terms of the "feel-good factor" in the work place.'