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500,000 fully automatically produced containers

Pioneers of modern production


The robot speedily moves up to the materials to be machined. The arm swiftly grasps the piece of wood to be customised and connects it to another wooden element. A complete container for office equipment is thereby created from individual components within a matter of minutes.

ASSMANN began to automate its production around 10 years ago and in doing so, took an important step towards the future early on. The robot was then contracted in the factory in 2008. The production of approx. 350 containers a day has been possible ever since – instead of the average number of 220 beforehand. “The 500,000th container left the assembly line in November 2016!" Guido Hübner, Technical Director at ASSMANN, is proud of the early integration of the fully automatically functioning assembly line for standing and roller containers. The system is still the only one of its kind worldwide today. "This would never have been possible without our employees", says Hübner with conviction. "The new machines presented a great challenge to all those who had to initially familiarise themselves with the new technology and processes. This is where everyone really pulled together and did a fantastic job!"