Professional qualifications at ASSMANN

There is no doubt that the first steps into the professional world mark a completely new phase in life. This is why young people should think long and hard about which apprenticeship or degree course they would like to begin. It's not an easy choice. After all, there are around 350 apprenticeship professions and several hundred degree courses. Do you want to learn a technical or a commercial profession? ASSMANN gives you the chance and the choice! Browse through the profiles for the interesting and forward-looking apprenticeships listed below, and decide which one suits you best.

Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN
Stellenangebot Azubi ASSMANN

Our apprentices have a good life!

ASSMANN offers its apprentices numerous interesting and lucrative benefits to make sure they feel welcome from the first day in their training company:

  • Company sports programme
  • Flexible working time models
  • Qualification and training options
  • State-of-the-art workplaces
  • Recreation/relaxation room
  • Annual company, family and Christmas parties
  • Christmas and holiday bonuses
  • Contribution to gym membership
  • Regular team meetings
  • Welcome folder and mentoring system to support new apprentices
  • Structured training plan
  • Project work
  • Financial support for team trips / training events

School internships

Is this the right profession for you? Complete a school internship with us in order to find out. This is the best way to discover whether the everyday routines of your preferred profession meet your expectations. You should certainly visit the Job Information Centre (BiZ) run by the Federal Employment Agency before selecting an internship. A school internship allows you to add practical experience to the important theoretical skills involved in a particular profession.

Company tours / Information events

For years now, ASSMANN has provided visitors with the opportunity to look behind the scenes. Interested faculty and school classes are invited to tour the company and acquire detailed insight into the manufacture of our products and the scope of the services we provide. This is a great way for you to obtain extensive information on the varied professions and career options in our company.